Finally, An Apple iWatch Concept Built Around iOS 7

iOS 7 is finally on the cards for both iPhones and iPads, but all the iWatch mockups we've seen from talented designers have been trapped in the iOS 6 way of thinking. Gross textures abound. Until now. This ultra-fashionable iWatch concept runs iOS 7 and represents a the beautiful fiction we all hope to wear on our wrists one day.

The design came from Stephen Olmstead who has been working on it for some time now.

Primarily, he says, the watch is meant to be a watch rather than "a rectangular screen bolted onto a watch band" that we've seen from other concepts and even real world products.

Siri is the primary input method on Stephen's iWatch, which means we'll all look like frustrated secret agents all yelling at our wrists, and it mostly functions as a tether to your existing iOS device rather than a standalone device.

Would you wear this? [Stephen Olmstead]



    Sorry but the Swatch "inspired" design doesn't do it for me.

      Totally agree! Seriously it looks forced. Why do something just for the sake of doing it? I mean, what's next an ios7 ring? Oh wait, wait... An iOS7 locket for women! Bahahaha :|

    Oh look someone knows how to use Photoshop.
    ffs this is getting pathetic.

      I suspect that you'll get over it somehow though...

    Why would anyone want a watch with all these features.. think about it.. if you have your hand in your pocket and want to check the time, it's pretty much the same distance to bring the phone out and check it on there. Also, who would want to charge their watch every day??
    Watches should be practical and an out-of-mind type thing: Waterproof, long battery life, rugged. etc.

      I'm quite looking forward to it. I don't believe I've ever looked at my phone instead of my watch to tell the time. I just have to raise my wrist to look at my watch. To look at my phone, I have to take it out of my pocket, open the case and hit a button. I know which is easier.
      I don't have a problem charging my watch every day. I don't wear it to bed, it's not even in the same room, so having it on charge is no big deal.
      No reason an iWatch can't be waterproof, long battery life and rugged.
      Another fine example of someone who has no use for something himself, therefore no-one else has a use for it.

        nope. that's an invalid argument because it doesn't align with my point of view.

    Yes, yes "finally". Oh! FINALLY!!

      Thank god the wait is over, it was becoming unbearable.

    What's polyeurothane?

      Another thing I noticed.
      You tap the watch face to take a photo with your iPhone. Let's assume you're wearing your watch on your left wrist. You can't tap the screen with your left hand, so you'd have to use your right hand. You wouldn't have your phone in your right hand and use the watch to press the shutter (since you can do that on the phone). If you have the phone in your left hand, and you have a free hand to tap the watch, why don't you hold your phone with both hands and press one of the buttons on the phone?
      He hasn't thought that one through.

      Showing the whole calendar also means that the days will be incredibly small and hard to read.

      Nice presentation though, shame about the details.

        I assumed the remote camera activation was more so you could set up your phone and have it snap a photo from a distance, so that everyone could be in a photo and you don't need someone standing behind the phone to take the photo.

    The face and band design look nearly identical to my Skagen watch:

    I like how they're still ripping off the clock face design.

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