Finally, An Apple iWatch Concept Built Around iOS 7

Finally, An Apple iWatch Concept Built Around iOS 7

iOS 7 is finally on the cards for both iPhones and iPads, but all the iWatch mockups we’ve seen from talented designers have been trapped in the iOS 6 way of thinking. Gross textures abound. Until now. This ultra-fashionable iWatch concept runs iOS 7 and represents a the beautiful fiction we all hope to wear on our wrists one day.

The design came from Stephen Olmstead who has been working on it for some time now.

Primarily, he says, the watch is meant to be a watch rather than “a rectangular screen bolted onto a watch band” that we’ve seen from other concepts and even real world products.

Siri is the primary input method on Stephen’s iWatch, which means we’ll all look like frustrated secret agents all yelling at our wrists, and it mostly functions as a tether to your existing iOS device rather than a standalone device.

Would you wear this? [Stephen Olmstead]