Father’s Day Gift Guide: All The Tech Dad Wants For Father’s Day

Father’s Day Gift Guide: All The Tech Dad Wants For Father’s Day

If you’re stumped for a sweet gadgety or geeky gift for Dad this Father’s Day, let Gizmodo help you shop. Here are five fantastic Father’s Day gadgets he’ll love.

Braun CoolTec Shaver

The CoolTec is a shaver from Braun with two horizontal foils, separated by a metal bar. That metal bar is where the science comes into this nifty shaver.

Braun has been experimenting with contraptions concealed inside a razor to cool your face. The CoolTec is the result of six years of German research: underneath the razor is a cooling element, much like in a fridge, which cools the metal bar on the centre of the shaver to cool your face as you shave. The CoolTec also works to remove heat from the face created by friction and dump it into a heat sink stowed away in the middle of the shaver.


UE Boom Speaker

The UE Boom might as well have been made for Dads. Not only is it handsome and stylish, it’s also rugged and designed for the outdoors.

It has two huge speakers under the tightly-weaved grille, and a battery that lasts up to 15 hours.


MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer

Want to be the absolute favourite child? Get Dad a 3D printer. If he’s a Dad who loves going into a shed and tinkering, crafting or building, he’ll go out with a 3D printer.

He’ll be able to tinker, tamper and mess with objects and fix others around the house to his heart’s content.

This one might have to be a delayed gift, however, due to a protracted shipping time.


Jawbone UP

The Jawbone Up is a nifty little life-tracking gadget that monitors steps, food intake, calories, and most importantly, sleep. A great-looking app tracks your sleep and the quality of said shut-eye, before gently waking you up with a vibrating silent alarm. It’s designed to be worn 24/7, and doesn’t make you look like an idiot while doing so thanks to a pretty smart-looking design


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Parrot Zik


The Parrot Zik headphones are the smartest pair of Bluetooth cans you can buy. Designed by Philipe Starck to be sexy and functional, they work with a companion app on your iOS or Android device to make sure the sound is customised perfectly for your virtual seating position. You’ll hear the difference with these.


Seagate Central

Is Dad a digital horder? Lots of content like photos, videos and movies strewn around the house on various SD cards and USB thumb drive? Get him to centralise his content with the aptly named Seagate Central drive. It’s a network-attached storage (NAS) for the rest of us: no fiddling around with building it or choosing a file system, just plug and play for your home entertainment content storage.


Tap King

Turning the pool room into a pub is simple with the Tap King. It’s a small, keg-like attachment that you stick onto the front of a bottle of his favourite beer, and you’ve got a fridge-able mini-keg that’s good for around 6 weeks. Just push and pour!

Plus, it has a bunch of Dad’s favourite beers available for the system, including James Boag’s, James Squire and Tooheys brews.

[$31.90 for the dispenser, $35-$50 for beers]

Sony Cybershot DSC-TF1

The DSC-TF1 is a great little gadget for Dad to have if he likes to record moments on the go. It’s shock-resistant, water-resistant as well as resistant to dust and low temperatures so it’s a great camera for the outdoorsman.

It’s packing a 16.4-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD on the back of the camera.


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