Facebook's New Timehop-Like Feature Shows You What You Did A Year Ago

You may have thought Facebook couldn't become any more of an artificial orgy of nostalgia than it already is, but if today's new test feature takes hold, get ready to wallow like you've never wallowed before. Very much in the vein of Twitter's Timehop, Facebook now wants to remind you of everything you and your thousand acquaintances were doing exactly one year on any given day. We were so young.

The new history feature, dubbed "On This Day", has been popping up in a few users' News Feeds, and as far as we can tell, it's sluicing out only the best and brightest stories according to likes and comments. So should you have been mercilessly kicked to the curb by the former love of your life, all those consolatory likes and it's-her-loss-es will make damn well sure that you remember your one year anniversary of eternal solitude.

Of course, Facebook has tested plenty of features that don't necessarily make it to the masses, so we'll just have to wait and see if we're to have our year-old Instagrams recycled for yet another round of artificial nostalgia. Because it's all about the memories, man. [The Next Web]

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