Dropping Stuff Off A Building Is Exactly What Slow Motion Is For

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a thing falling off a building is in want of slow motion. If you needed any proof, here’s a big ol’ heap.

The folks over at Distort have done some pretty incredible footage with battling robots and thermite, but they're not above a little, vanilla "droppin' stuff off a roof" action either. And thank god, because it is always a blast.

In between a wee bit of science, you can catch eggs (2:34), coke cans (2:50), a fluorescent light (4:16), a champagne bottle (5:43), a printer (6:00) and a keg o' beer (6:36) slam viciously into the ground with all the poetry slo-mo provides. Now if only they would hurry up to find some more things to drop.