Dick Smith Is Teaming Up With David Jones For New Stores-Within-Stores

Remember when David Jones pulled the rip-cord on a whole bunch of its technology gear last year? Psyche! Turns out they're getting back into it with a new partnership with Dick Smith that will see the gadget retailer pop-up in DJ's stores around the country. Oh boy.

Dick Smith today announced that it would team up with David Jones to open a new network of stores within stores. You'll soon see Dick Smith-branding pop-up in 30 DJ's stores around the country. From 1 October, you'll see "David Jones Electronics Powered by Dick Smith" banners in-store. Catchy. It's better than calling it Dick Jones, I guess.

It's all part of Dick Smith's new strategy to become a premium retailer specialising in store-within-store models.

All existing David Jones electronics staff will be retained by Dick Smith in the new branding move, which the two company heads say is great for business.

My inner-cynic says that this is a move by two ailing giants to hold hands on the plummet down into the sea of irrelevance, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Go get 'em, you two!

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