Dell's $100 Android Computer Is Finally Shipping

You'd be forgiven for not knowing what Project Ophelia was from a bar of soap, but it's actually something really special: it's Dell's $100 Android computer packed into a tiny, USB stick-sized package. It has been a pie-in-the-sky idea for some time now after its debut at CES, but according to new reports, it's finally shipping out.

The Ophelia is a curious little gadget that reportedly connects to any HDMI port, turning the screen into a PC, media centre, or gaming console depending on how you've customised it.

BGR is reporting that beta testers are getting their hands on the gadget now, with a view to a public release later in the year.

Micro-computers have been particularly popular in recent years with the success of the Beagleboard and the Raspberry Pi solutions, while Android has been twisted and tweaked to appear on everything from TV sticks through to game consoles like the Ouya and NVIDIA Shield. [BGR]

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