Delectable Wine For iOS: Identify Wine And Dole Out Recs Like A Pro

Delectable Wine For iOS: Identify Wine And Dole Out Recs Like A Pro

Everyone loves wine — or rather everyone likes to seem like they love wine. And what better way to give off an air of sophistication than to be able to offer perfect recommendations, pairings and analyses on any wine at a moment’s notice? Delectable lets you do all that with absolutely no preparation required.

What does it do?

Snap a picture of a wine label, and just like a more alcoholic Shazam, Delectable will identify the bottle at hand as one of over two million (and growing) it has stored in its database. Once identified, the app will tell you everything you need to know about your bottle, and you’re free to tag friends, mark locations, rate your favourites and jot down notes. In Delectable’s newest incarnation though, you’ll now alos get personalised wine recommendations based on your previous ratings along with an interactive map that shows you exactly where your booze came from.

Why do we like it?

There’s a variety of wine apps already out there that do many of these same things, but none manages to cover quite as much ground as Delectable does. It identifies your wine, lets your friends interact with your poison of choice, allows you to share your wine pic to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and gives you a solid historical and geographical background. For heavy or even moderate wine drinkers, Delectable will easily become part of your social media app rotation, especially if you have a decent group of wine crony buddies to use it with. And with the new recommendation feature, the app has even incorporated the wise words of both winemakers and sommeliers, so you know you’re getting the topnotch advice for a topnotch drinking experience. Faking a vast vino knowledge has never been easier.


Download this app for: iOS (free)
The best part: personal recommendations
The worst part: the hangover