Dead Ostrich Takes Flight As A Cyborg Quadcopter Monstrosity

If you thought things couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous than the catcopter, you were woefully gloriously wrong. Now, the same disturbed minds that brought you flying cats have an all-new monster. Enter the OstrichCopter.

Willed into being by visual artist Bart Jansen and technical engineer Arjen Beltman, the OstrichCopter is (obviously) a completely custom construction. After some calling around, the pair found a local farm willing to donate an ostrich corpse that could be taxidermied and outfitted with a few new robotic appendages. The result is a total beast, weighing in at a whopping 20kg. But the sucker can fly; take that, live ostriches.

Why would anyone ever do this? Jansen summed it up pretty well to Wired UK: “I thought it was really funny to make fly a bird that can’t [fly].” Haha.

Next up, pigs. [Wired UK]