Coalition To Pledge $100 Million To Solve Mobile Blackspots

Coalition To Pledge $100 Million To Solve Mobile Blackspots

Both the major and the minor parties are angling for your vote right now in the Federal Election, promising more and more for the nation’s 23 million residents. This time, the Coalition under Tony Abbott has promised to throw $100 million at the nation’s telcos to improve mobile phone blackspots and dropout areas around the country should it be elected come-September.

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According to the Herald Sun, the pledge is for the from the Coalition would see it spend $100 million over four years to build new cell towers in remote, rural and outer metropolitan areas to improve mobile phone coverage to those not living in big cities.

The plan will also focus on building additional towers in areas with high seasonal demand like holiday hotspots and areas prone to natural disasters like floods and bushfires.

It’s also being reported that the Coalition wants the major telcos to match the plan with $80 million of their own cash to improve coverage along major highways in rural areas.

The Opposition Leader is reportedly expected to announce the plan later on today. [Herald Sun]

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