Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review: The Anti-Costanza

Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review: The Anti-Costanza

Do you have a George Costanza-sized wallet? If you do, you probably also have back problems. We can’t help you with damage you’ve already inflicted, but Capsule will help you ditch that bulge with its cleverly designed Minimalist collection wallet.

What Is It?

It’s a slim and trim wallet for just the essentials that starts at $US50.

Who’s It For?

Minimalists who carry very little in their wallets to begin with but also want something stylish. Well, more stylish than a rubber band, at least.


The Minimalist comes in a variety of colours and types of leather. There’s a textured saffiano leather version, like the one pictured, that can take a beating and still look great. (This one, however, is currently sold out and there’s no word on whether it will be re-released.) There’s also an uncoated version that will change over time from general use and whatever bodily fluids come into contact with it. Or, there’s the standard issue full-grain nappa cowhide version. Whatever your choice, you can’t really go wrong as the build quality is the same.

Capsule calls its money sleeve the “CashStrap”, and while you might think bills could easily fall out, I can tell you that that’s not the case. Whether you’ve got a single bill or a stack of ’em, the CashStrap keeps them in place. The folks at Capsule also suggest pulling bills down towards the seam for an even more secure fit.

The center slot holds two to four cards while the front pocket can hold up to two cards. When depositing or extracting cards from the center slot, it’s best to pinch the sides.

Using It

Breaking in the Minimalist took about a week. Slipping money in and out of the CashStrap was a pain in the arse the first few days, but it eventually loosened up enough to be a breeze. The same goes for the two card slots.

Speaking of cards, you can’t and shouldn’t store more than six of them at once in the Minimalist. Hence the name.

The stitching and edging are both surprisingly high quality, and Capsule says its sourcing and manufacturing partners are also in cahoots with high-end brands. But only time will tell how long it actually holds up.

Best Part

You can barely tell that it’s in your pant pocket.

Tragic Flaw

There aren’t enough card slots?

This Is Weird…

There isn’t anything particular weird about the Minimalist, but I found myself freaking out that I had lost it the first few days because of how slim it is.

Should I Buy It?

If you’ve been searching far and wide for a minimalist wallet, then you really should consider the Minimalist. Just keep in mind that it can’t handle a lot of cards, and it isn’t meant to be a repository for your pocket rubbish either. It’s simple, understated and not very expensive. And they ship all over the world. [Capsule]