Bryan Singer Tweets Photo Of A Giant Actual-Size Sentinel

Bryan Singer Tweets Photo Of A Giant Actual-Size Sentinel

The prodigal son returns! Bryan Singer (X-Men, X-Men 2) is back to direct the incredible-looking X-Men: Days Of Future Past film where the mutant’s worst enemy will be an army of robots called The Sentinels. Singer tweeted today the first pic of a full-size Sentinel, and it’s amazing.

The Sentinel is giant robot invented by Trask Industries and its founder Bolivar Trask to facilitate the hunt for and extermination of mutants. Developed as a solution to “the mutant problem” Trask Industries has been keeping humanity “safe” from mutants for half a century at the opening of Days Of Future Past.

In the comics, an adult Kate “Kitty” Pryde has her mind returned to her younger body in order to have the X-Men intervene in a crucial moment in history to stop the hunting and detainment of mutants.

The Sentinel that Singer tweeted it massive. Bryan’s not a small guy, and even then he only reaches up to the calf-height of one of these massive robots. The production designers are going all in on this movie!

With a gattling gun for a right-hand and a menacing claw hand on the other, the Sentinels look to set the standard for “not to be f**ked with”. [Brian Singer via @danny_allen]