Bebo To Relaunch, Promises Fewer Male Genitalia Pics

Bebo To Relaunch, Promises Fewer Male Genitalia Pics

Remember Bebo? It must have been one of the first social networks you joined, right? All that information up there for you to share with your friends. Like many social networks, it was murdered at the hands of Facebook, but that won’t stop the original founder from buying it back and relaunching it, this time, without the male genitalia drawings that made the Whiteboard feature so infamous.

Michael Birch, the original founder of Bebo, recently bought the service back for $US1 million, with the promise of relaunching the service to give the whole social networking thing another crack.

In a new viral ad, Birch is promising to “come clean”. What does that mean? Well, when Bebo launched its Whiteboard feature, the only thing people really started drawing was crude representations of male genitalia. Think of it like Jonah Hill’s character from Superbad: a finger couldn’t touch a trackpad on Bebo without it drawing a picture of a penis.

Birch is now promising a new Bebo with fewer renditions of male junk, launching soon over at

Once you’ve pre-registered your interest, you get a chance to have a go of the old Whiteboard feature yourself. I signed up, and regret almost nothing.