Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Maps Look Off The Chain

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Maps Look Off The Chain

First it was giant multiplayer deathmatches. Then EA and DICE announced destroyable skyscrapers in Battlefield 4. Now it’s maps that change dramatically as the match progresses. Watch out you don’t get run over by a huge battleship in this map.

In this Paracel Storm map, players storm a Pacific island for control of the territory whatever way they can. Boats, helicopters and good ol’ fashioned swimming skills are used to get you into the fight, while the opposing force attempts to repel the invaders.

What’s really interesting is when a map-wide event happens that changes the landscape into a giant hurricane, tossing boats around and challenging players before a huge battleship is washed up onto the shore, forcing you all to flee for your tiny, digital lives.

Best of all? The theme is back! It’s taken a few turns from the original, posted below, but it’s still the same beach-stormin’ theme we recognise from Battlefield 1942.

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Battlefield 4 lands in late-October. [Kotaku]