Australian Red Cross Shows How A Paperclip Could Bring About The End Of The World

Metro's "Dumb Ways To Die" safety video displayed, in fantastic fashion, how clever humour (and a catchy jingle) can help spread a message. While it might be obvious that a speeding train or tram can hurt — a lot — the Australian Red Cross is keen to get the word out about the evils of the common paperclip and how, through a series of innocent mishaps, this most banal of stationery could destroy Earth.

Posted back in early July, the YouTube video "Paperclips can be dangerous. Learn First Aid" communicates to us, through a mostly black and white animation, how an accident involving someone's eye and a certain tiny metal object can snowball into a disaster of global proportions.

Jokes aside, the moral of the clip is that someone at your workplace should have some sort of first aid experience or, failing that, the sense to call an ambulance or take an injured person to the nearest emergency room. Also: definitely do not attempt ad-hoc surgery with a pair of pliers.

The dangers of being impaled on a power transform are also shown, in case you weren't clear on how deadly electricity, heights and spiky things can be.

[YouTube, via Huffington Post]

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