Aussies Pirate Breaking Bad More Than Anyone Else On Earth

A nation first started as a penal colony is breaking world records for all the wrong reasons again, as Australians top the charts for the most notorious pirates of Breaking Bad on the planet. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie?

According to TorrentFreak, Aussies topped the charts for illegal downloaders pulling the return episode of Breaking Bad, with 16.1 per cent of the world's traffic coming from within Australia. We weren't too far ahead of the pack, however, with the US coming in at 16 per cent of the illegal downloaders, followed by Canada at just over 9 per cent.

Australia's most pirate-happy city for the Breaking Bad return was Melbourne, with one in 20 illegal downloaders living there, while second place was claimed by Sydney, with one in 30 illegal downloaders hailing from the Harbour city.

This isn't the first time Australia has set world records for piracy. Almost every successive return of Game Of Thrones sees Aussies nabbing headlines as the world's most prolific pirates.

The latest piracy figures come after both Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad have been fast-tracked to Australian screens just hours after release.

Seems Aussies either really love their TV or really hate paying for FOXTEL. Perhaps even both? [TorrentFreak]

Can the piracy epidemic be stopped?

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    im gonna go with hate paying for FOXTEL, i know thats the reason i pirate everything
    Theres no way im paying like $100 per month to get 99% crap, 0.5% sport and 2 good shows per week.
    Given me foxtel go exclusively or something remotely close to a good legal streaming service in Australia and i will happily start paying for it again

      agreed!! If foxtel was charged @ a realistic rate; say $10/month; i'd subscribe.. but as it stands paying this much would just make me feel like a chump.

        A typical person who has no idea about business. I'm not siding with Foxtel but your comment of $10 per month is ridiculous. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to run the Foxtel operations including sending someone out to your house and subsidising the equipment to be installed? You're a typical scumbag person who wouldn't even use Foxtel for $1 a month because you would think it is too much. Tight ass.

          Think of a possible business model though - many people do not subscribe to an overpriced basic package which offers a dozen or more channels they never want to watch, and are then required to pay extra for other content.

          If you could chose a group of 4 or 5 channels at a reduced rate then you would likely have many more subscribers and the return per channel offered could, in fact be better.

            Foxtel is already the dominant player. i.e. More households watch Foxtel than FTA TV (which, of course, includes watching FTA through Foxtel). So I doubt the growth opportunity is there any more and the problem with your idea is that the channels you would want to pay less for are undoubtedly the ones they pay the most to provide (because, unlike you, they can't just steal it).

              You couldn't be further from the truth. Free to air TV holds about 83% market share with subscription TV making up the balance.

              Ah MotorMouth, still putting your time on Earth to good use I see.

          To be clear, @p1r is referring to Foxtel's streaming service, Foxtel Go. @v0ter might not explicitly be stating this, but considering the context of the previous comment, it is fair to assume he was also referring to Foxtel Go. $10 is not a ridiculous amount for this service, considering Netflix is USD$8 per month.

            That is an unrealistic comparison as Netflix streams old shows and movies. Foxtel provides exclusive sport content and other exclusive content of Australia. These extra services cost money and cannot be compared to Netflix who don't have half of that. Hence the above comment of $10 per month is among the stupidest comments I have seen on here.

              I disagree. Hulu Plus is only USD$8 per month and it is new shows. I get to watch the Daily Show and Colbert the same day as the US.

              The first local provider of streamed content that is easily accessible and cheap (less than $15 per month) is going to make a killing. The Foxtel model of paying for channels you will never watch is outdated and doomed to fail. I jumped recently. Now my monthly TV viewing costs have dropped from $90 per month down to less than $20, with a broader range of shows that I want to watch and I can watch when I want (thats every episode of every series).

              It really isn't.

              Hulu Plus is the same price and has new content all the time.

              yeah! i want exclusive stuff that gets played on a 12 hour repeat rotation for 3 months! here, take my $100 and give that to me along with the christian shopping golf channel please! all the exclusivity is mine!

                Never anything decent on foxtel, I find I only ever turn on the tv/foxtel for some background entertainment most of the time I have seen the show/movie so it's not like I need to be sitting down and focusing on what's happening... for other things like shows and movies I'll just stick to downloading, no shit ads, no crap delays - the way it should be.

                  Yeah and you can pay for the production costs. How foolish.

          A typical internet troll who thinks this is the best way to have a discussion on the internet.

          I'm currently paying $23 per month for my $80 Foxtel package because I called to cancel my subscription. Explain their business model now.

            It's called customer retention. A common business practice. Many other companies besides Foxtel do this. This is nothing new. I am having an opinion how am I a troll? Don't be a fool!

              Because instead of putting forward a point of view, you put forward this: You're a typical scumbag person who wouldn't even use Foxtel for $1 a month because you would think it is too much. Tight ass.

              So it doesn't matter how valid your point is.

              As mentioned by @jbaraus, as soon as you bring offensive and irrelevant insults into an otherwise civil discussion, your opinion loses all credibility.

            ahahaha that is awesome... and just underlines the flawed principles they have set themselves... you would think that this product would be marketed to the masses, instead they market it for the few who want and/or can afford it, internet is gastly expensive enough hence why anyone with 2 cents for a brain would make the connection of internet cost firstly then if it makes more sense to download or pay another 50-100 bucks for 1 or 2 shows...

              And that's exactly the problem. It is 1 or 2 good shows and the rest is garbage and repeats of garbage. If I could get a REASONABLE price for just the discovery channel/History channel packages I'd be happy to pay it.

          I wouldn't pay $1 a month for Foxtel, but then again I had the misfortune of paying them $50 a month for Foxtel on Xbox + two packages. I had to get two extra packages, because nothing good is on the base package, and you pretty much get one new blockbuster show per package. Foxtel is bloody worse than free to air, because it's juts as bad but you PAY for it. Constant loud ads, constant repeats of 80's and 90's sitcoms, replays of everything, and with streaming versions of Foxtel constant show blackouts because they don't have the streaming rights.

          If it's that bad for $50 a month, I wouldn't want what they'd offer for $1 a month. I was just glad I was on a month to month streaming contract and not contracted to 24 months of satellite.

          A foxtel sub goes like this.
          Month 1: Oh look at all the things.
          Month 2: Oh look there's a couple of new things
          Month 3: There's like two new things, everything else is still bloody repeating.

          $23 a month for unblock-us, Hulu Plus and Netflix shits all over Foxtel for less than half the price.

          Last edited 20/08/13 8:50 am

            Sums up my foxtel experience. ^

            First few weeks and months it's great and refreshing then you start to get familiar with the same old promos, the same old ads... Oh look season x of *insert over played sitcom here* is on

            Ad's are just as bad as free to air ads yet I was paying for this inferior service.

            *sarcasm* you could probably run foxtel off a 2TB harddrive that you got from your uncle's mate 2 years ago.

              The Beauty of Foxtel ads though are they'll advertise a premium show from a channel not included in the package you're currently watching.

          mate, if netflix can do it, why can't similar services exist in AU? I can already access web streaming via VPN & watch US Ads, seems a waste that we can't do the same.. Thankfully ABC & SBS provide decent Au based streaming services.

        "If foxtel was charged @ a realistic rate" Realistic for whom? I found their 2008 financial results - from roughly 1.5million subscribers they recorded revenue of about $1.6billion, which represents less than $90 a month per subscriber, but their pre-tax earnings were less than $400million. So let's say that Foxtel is a charity and shouldn'make any money at all. That would allow them to reduce their subscriptions by $22 a month, to roughly $66. But that's not realistic, as they are a company with shareholders who expect a return on their investment, so let's kick in a few bucks for them and say that $75 a month is an actual realistic figure and that your $10 a month is absolutely ridiculous.

        BTW, how much do you pay for your monthly bandwidth to steal your TV and movies? Maybe you could reduce that amount and use it to get Foxtel?

          maybe they could reduce their costs by removing their hfc infrastructure and stream over the internet with an authenticated service exclusively? that would remove a rather large monetary cost for maintenance/installation labour from their bottom line.

          You're operating under the false assumption that $10 / month would be for a cable service. It wouldn't, this would be for a streaming service. The operating expenses for a streaming service would be much lower than for a cable service.

            They have a streaming service, but they don't have streaming rights for quite a few major shows so it's totally shithouse.

            It is however half the price of satellite foxtel.

          I don't think Foxtel's revenue only come from subscribers. I think you'll find they made close to a quarter of a billion from advertisers. Maybe rejig your numbers there champ.

      Quite apart from the cost of Foxtel, I just couldn't bring myself to paying for a service which is littered with ads. Surely the point of a payTV service is to buy the rights to say goodbye to advertising (which is how Free-to-air stations survive).

      If Foxtel halved its monthly cost and promised me no ads (other than self-promotion) then I'd consider.

        That was Foxtels original setup. No ads. Then they jacked the prices AND added ads.

        Hah. The channel that most of these shows are on doesn't have ad breaks.

          most not all and still has advertisements, taking us for stupid too filing up time with adverts instead of what you paid for in the first place... call me greedy but paid TV sucks balls.. i rather watch an ant farm.

          Fine. Then give me a package that includes just the channels I want, rather than packaging the popular channels with crap ones, just so they meet contractual arrangements with the promoters.

          I'll give you $8/mth for HBO, PBS, History, Nat Geo, Discovery and BBC only.

            Not a single Pay TV provider in the world operates in this way.

            Never. Going. To. Happen. Also your offer is ridiculous and would be laughed at :)

              Not a single Pay TV provider in the world operates in this way.
              always a first time. and the company that does it, will rake it in. a la carte in everything is the future. just because you're in a walled garden, doesnt mean you cant choose - looke at how much money the itunes vod market is generating.

              Perhaps if a single payTV operator DID run this way we wouldn't have such a problem?

              Foxtel currently charges $47 per month for an 'Essentials pack' of 38 channels. I only want three of those channels. I also want Showcase from their 'Premium Drama' package but that's an extra $25! How much is installation? I'm already paying $40 a month for 'premium' broadband, why pay double that for four extra TV channels?

              You can see my point - for those of us who want flexibility in our viewing (ie. just our favourite shows), we don't want to be penalised by picking a package.

      ... something remotely close to a good legal streaming service in Australia and i will happily start paying for it again I call bullshit - you can buy all of it legally on DVD so why don't you do that?

        Surely you can accept that not everyone (anyone?) is happy to wait for DVD release to legitimately watch a series?

        It's bad enough waiting 24 hours these days - one peek the wrong way at twitter and a cliff hanger becomes a complete giveaway...!

        Speaking as someone who has waited for, and enjoyed watching all episodes of Breaking Bad and Dexter in marathon sessions on DVD, it is absolutely viable to do it that way. But @bugwan is right, the spoiler minefield makes recreational internet browsing, and chatting with friends a dubious prospect for about six months after a show has broadcast.

        I've had Season 4 of Dexter completely spoiled for me. I've had Breaking Bad spoiled for me. And, I suppose, it could be argued that it's not a big deal in the great scheme of things. But from my perspective I've now paid for an entertainment product that is no longer as entertaining because the suspense of significant story elements have been spoiled by waiting.

      True, but the problem lies with in the system itself. Since Foxtel run as a joint venture with Telstra who owns the copper network, there won't be any other cable TV providers in foreseeable future. A competitive streaming service is not a viable option either.
      Reasons are,
      1 Australia Population is only 23 million, a comparative service such as Netflix or Hulu are in US with a population over 300 million(Netflix branched out to other countries after being successful in US)

      2 In regards to Australia, Copyright laws and and copyright holders in US are still have a conservative view and demand for their pound of flesh, hence higher fees and more restrictions.

      3 Broadband speeds are not so great in Australia and again since the copper network is Telstra owned, they can restrict any service that would threaten their business interests.

      The only option(at present) is to have a satellite TV service which would bypass Telstra infrastructure (such as Dish TV), but again given that both Foxtel and Telstra are giants they can easily push their competitors away(ACCC is pretty useless).

      I might also be willing to pay for foxtel if it was ad-free, but it's not and that's ridiculous.

      Netflix is ad free, so are many streaming services on the net. Paid accounts by, pandora, spotify, etc, etc are all ad-free too for music. Why should PAID television have ads?

      I think the answer might lie somewhere between bidding wars with FTA networks with US studios (by the way, how much do you think US actors see out of that money?), and bidding wars for sports content.

      Foxtel should NEVER have been allowed in Australia and unfortunately our politicians have given it far too much power over everything else. Fortunately most Australians are smarter than most Australian politicians, and are voting with their mice.

      Foxtel need to throw their business model out the window and start again from scratch before they have anymore than 25% market share.

      Oh yeah and to the highly intelligent poster asking about how much bandwidth costs, unlimited plans are $60 per month, and you can do a whole lot more with that money than you can on Foxtel.

      When I download off the internet, I can watch it anywhere, anytime on any device, even on planes or in places where there is no mobile signal.

      So what would make me consider foxtel as a serious alternative to 100% internet TV?
      - allow recording of programs on mobile apps - like an app with Foxtel IQ built in - piracy will happen anyway so why not just make the recorded files .mp4 and be done with it?
      - embed it into telstra plans since you are part owned by them anyway - most people would be quite happy with a 100Gb quota if they didn't have to download all their movies/TV off the net
      - STOP THE ADS
      - the price for 100Gb quota on Naked DSL or NBN + foxtel channels with recording should be no more than $100 per month.

      Sadly, News Corp and Foxtel will never wake up. Both are flogging dead horses masquerading as business models.

    (I have Foxtel)
    I think the rights holders, such as HBO, should look at this and realise that Australians are getting shafted and won't put up with it. They need to lower their costs to Foxtel who in tern need to build a more desirable content delivery system that is affordable to Australians.

    Until that happens nothing is going to change.

      Actually, HBO should bypass Foxtel and offer Australians a direct subscription. HBO are a cable TV company, right? They provide 24 hours of cable TV a day to US subscribers?

    What shits me, is that Foxtel in all their greed put this and many other high rating TV shows on channels that are in the movies package. I have no interest in those channels! They should be available to basic subscribers.

      Actually Foxtel doesn't make that decision, the owner of the channel does.

        i am going to call your bullshit and raise you some pallets of cowshit make it a truck full.

          But you'd be wrong and he'd be right. They may not decide by telling Foxtel what to do but how much they charge Foxtel would almost certainy dictate how Foxtel packages them. How do you think companies like HBO make the billions of dollars they require to produce top quality shows like Game of Thrones?

            How do you think companies like HBO make the billions of dollars they require to produce top quality shows like Game of Thrones?

            licensing. why would they care how foxtel packages it? they just want their money.

    Dear Media Companies,

    Australians pirate good content more than anywhere else in the world. This means two things
    - Australians appreciate quality programming
    - Your existing content deals don't work

    I suggest making it easier to obtain the shows, not harder. Exclusive deals with an over-priced cable monopoly are stupid.


      I say give the license to Free to Air channels first and then go to payTV like Foxtel.

      So very true. Why would anyone in their right mind pay for Foxtel for just one or two shows. Only people I know with Foxtel have it for one thing only. Sport.

      Foxtel can have the rights to the show but setup a decent season pass and not a stupid pay per view that costs more than buying the Blu-rays and you only get to watch the show once.

        Instead I give my money directly to the AFL to watch my sport (mobile apps). It looks great on a tablet and can now be watched on any wifi connection.

      Why not make the effort to explain to these companies how they can make the billions of dollars they require to produce their original content by reducing their prices? As it satands, you might as well petition for the right to use Jeff Bewke's mansion to hold a party whenever you feel like it.

        Huh? Where in my comment did I suggest reducing their prices?

        What I actually said is that they should make it easier to obtain the shows, not harder.

        Pay TV giant Foxtel has confirmed reports that it will block the remaining seasons of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones series from being offered in Australia hours after the show is released in the US, due to an exclusive deal with the show’s producer HBO signed in October last year.

        Maybe, instead of making one exclusive deal with an expensive pay TV provider HBO could make 5 different non-exclusive deals and provide the people that want to watch the shows with options such as digital download.

        Alternatively they could still make an exclusive deal for the TV rights but keep the right to sell the episodes directly themselves internationally.


      Exactly. If people knew HOW EASY it was to get Netflix in Australia or use torrents, Foxtel wouldn't survive. And whichever way this country goes in September, both parties are offering a significant increase in broadband infrastructure - which will only make getting content online easier.

        Netflix is no replacement for Foxtel, used the service for 3 months and loved the fact it was $10, hated that it had no Shows or movies that I wanted to watch.

          Plenty of good shows, but they're all a season behind.

    I doubt it can be stopped, but it can damn well be mitigated with improved legally available services.

    If a company provides a means for people to access content at the same time as the rest of the world, on demand, in the resolution they want, in the file type they want, DRM free, most WILL pay for it.

      The only problem I can see with your plan is DRM Free. I think that is unrealistic. That would just make piracy easier and better quality.

      I honestly believe if consumers want media released quickly and in HD then we need to accept DRM, embedded ads or both. I am personally OK with that.

        I just can't go with DRM for anything with the exception of Kindle. I can use it offline, it has syncing benefits and can be used on all devices. Some possible lessons there for video providers?

          There is definitely good DRM and bad DRM. The key would be finding the right balance.

          For it to work I think it would need to be like the Kindle DRM.

        I agree that for a percentage of the population, it would aid in their quest for piracy.

        However, there are a lot of people out in the world who pirate shows because it is simply the most convenient option that gets the media where and when they want it. If companies offered (or even trialed(!)) a similar service to what pirates offer, but charged money, I believe they would see an overall increase in purchases.

        Didn't stop Apple making iTunes music downloads DRM free. Give customers an easy way that's more convenient than pirating, and they'll pay.

        Well, in that your wrong, Piracy is more often a better option for quality.

        Most the crap that a released are cut so they can include more adds, in worse quality or censored for our delicate Australian eyes.

        Plus there's a "F you Australia" Tax.
        We pay more for less.

        If I could get the same quality stuff, and pay a fair price to the people who create it I would.

          You can get better quality by buying Blu-Ray or DVD. Why don't you do that?

            is the dvd or blu-ray released the same day as the episode? should i stay off twitter/websites until its released? this is not the 1990s where social media is talking only to your mates who are in the same boat as you.

        Do you realise that DRM doesn't in any way reduce or deter piracy?

        All it succeeds in doing is making it more difficult for legitimate users.

          I completely understand that DRM doesn't prevent piracy.

          What I think it does do is help prevent casual piracy, which is going to be important for any digital distribution plans to be effective.

          What do I mean by casual piracy? I download Season 1 of Breaking Bad and realise it's a great show. I tell my friend Matt how great it is and give him a copy on a USB drive. He loves it, and gives a copy to two of his friends and so it spreads.

          If the copy that I downloaded had some DRM on it I'd say "You should go buy it, it's a great show". Sure, he could then download it illegally, but he might realise it's quicker and easier to just buy a copy himself.

            If the copy that I downloaded had some DRM on it I'd say "You should go buy it, it's a great show". Sure, he could then download it illegally, but he might realise it's quicker and easier to just buy a copy himself.

            It's not though. For a growing number of computer literate people, it's a lot faster and easier to just download it.

            Then some people give "donations" to the pirate sites as well to cover the cost or to get the fastest possible speeds, so those people are still paying for the content, the money is just going elsewhere.

            When will the rights holders realize legal action will never put the piracy websites out of business, but providing a better service than the pirates offer might?

            Last edited 20/08/13 9:34 am

        It wouldn't make any difference to piracy. The quality of these services is barely better than HD cable, usually worse. The availability of this content is near instant right now. It might make the "scene" groups, who release this pirated content, jobs easier, but for every person who downloads this stuff they'll see no difference.

        Piracy has better quality than foxtel does now, especially for movies.

    question: how do we reduce piracy in australia
    experiment: supply reasonable priced TV on demand
    result: lower numbers of Australians pirate

    i know its not as simple as this but our lack of options must have an influence

      Better solution -
      Film industry invests in the creation of a new un-editable encrypted filetype that can't be converted to another format that will only play in a proprietary media player that requires an always on connection (which they supply as a free download)
      They upload EVERY piece of content they create from this point on - for free - only in the new filetype. The player will only play content if the viewer watches a short series of ads that cannot be skipped.
      The consumer never pays a cent, all they have to do is watch the ads. The player can return data on the number of times the content has been viewed and the producers charge the advertisers on a per view basis.
      It's essentially free to air TV online, but no one gets screwed in the process, the film companies get paid, the advertisers only pay for the number of views they get, and the consumer get's content free

        Until a consumer uses a screen recorder, edits the video to remove the ads and then puts it online.

        Last edited 19/08/13 10:06 am

        un-editable filetype that cannot be converted? No, this is not even remotely possible. If you can see it, it can be converted, either directly from the source encoding, by piggy-backing on the codec or from the video display buffer.
        This system can also be broken by hacking the player (firmware or old-school modchip) to return "bad" data (ie. zero playtimes) to the provider, so content will never expire.

        The best bet is to make everything free, but have a opt-in fee to filter out ads (server-side). That way, no money is lost on ad revenue and the consumer is not screwed on unfair media restrictions. People are used to free content, so when you start charging for content, piracy is an attractive option.

        This could be the worst suggestion of all time.

      What lack of options? Last time I looked Foxtel had hundreds of channels and was a fraction of the price it was when I worked for Optus TV at the turn of the century. Foxtel has plenty of competition from FTA TV and from Blockbuster and the like, which is why it is so much cheaper today than it used to be. - stores, kiosks, buy online - yup, exactly the same market as foxtel.

        i only watch maybe half a dozen tv shows on foxtel but i still have to pay for all these channels i dont use. there is no pick and choose option, we need to move away from the current format for supply of entertainment and have the flexability to choose what we want. saturday night live on foxtel is an edited version to what is on in the US. Late night with Jimmy Fallon is on the comedy channel i hate having to pay for all the other channels that dont get watched. it is a wasteful system and i hate paying for something that im not using.

    I don't watch this particular show, nor GoT (yet), but I used to have Foxtel. I'm now in a regional area where Foxtel doesn't supply service, so Foxtel is not an option (and really, Foxtel isn't a great option anyway.. I have to have the full content package in order to get the three channels I actually want.. that's ridonculous!).

    Fast tracked to a limited service area overpriced option is not "available" in the general sense of the term.

      austar can provide you foxtel in a regional area cant it? or are you not covered by them as well?

        Isn't Austar more expensive with less channels and a crappier set top box?

    Take what you can - give nothing back...

    Australian's are too used to being shafted when it comes to American TV shows being released way after they have in the US which is why we pirate more. Even now fast tracking them from the US on Foxtel won't change that because it's now hard-wired in to us to download it as soon as it's available via torrents.

    The only way this will change is if they air on Free-to-air TV stations like Nine, Seven or Ten the night the episodes are released.
    But that won't happen anytime soon as the US companies that own the rights to these shows know their demand and try and charge a premium for the rights to air which no TV Stations here in Australia are willing to pay.
    This is shown by the fact that most US movies distributors are being ditched in favour of locally produced content due to the rising demand of money from the US companies for movie rights.

    This won't change anytime soon which is unfortunate for the companies producing the shows but it's really their own fault for not willing to change the way they do things and look to alternative methods to release their content outside the US.

      How is it being shafted, just because you don't get it when they do in the US? It is the same show, possibly broadcast at a higher quality, so what's wrong with waiting until it is broadcast here? I wait for the DVD release before I watch most TV series I like and that can easily be a year after it is broadcast. So what?

        I wait for the DVD release before I watch most TV series I like and that can easily be a year after it is broadcast. So what?

        thats YOUR choice of media consumption - it may not be others.
        and its being shafted because if you dont like the crap that aussie tv stations churn out like big brother, or so you think you can sing/dance/limbo, you dont have much choice left.

        My point is most people (meaning those who illegally download shows) would be under the thought process of "They get it straight away, why not us?" which can lead to piracy in order to watch it then and there instead of wait for a whole series to end and then come out on DVD or pay a monthly subscription in order to gain it through legal methods.

        I work for one of the TV stations and from time to time see internal email explaining what US content we will get in the next few months and what we didn't get based on broadcasting rights costs etc. Which is why more shows like Big Brother, Underbelly & X-Factor are on air more and more, it's cheaper and locally made..

        Keep in mind this is my opinion based on my experience and observation and not necessarily what is followed by that of the many.

        Last edited 19/08/13 5:05 pm

    The biggest problem is not just the content providers. It's the networks here. They are clueless in understanding why viewers are not tuning in any more. They still don't get it. If I was able to pay $7 a month to watch all the latest shows, I would. But currently Netflix is my only option. But even that, which is based in the US, is slow at releasing new shows and or content.

      I've found that too with Netflix, I'm pretty sure they only upload whole seasons at a time, and even then, only when they're available on DVD etc.

      I've found Hulu to be a lot better with TV, to the point where they upload individual episodes the day after they air I believe.

        Yeah, I have Hulu as well. Quality is good and the advertising is not to bad.

    Well maybe if they didn't have the show exclusive to Foxtel then that wouldn't happen.

      With the way Foxtel is going there will be hardly anyone left to watch their exclusive content.

    Ironically America pirated Slideshow more than anyone else. (Seriously, who the shit made that show)

    Australia needs a good VoD service like Netflix or Hulu.

      If i'm not mistaken, content only appears on Netflix once it has been released on DVD, while Hulu Plus has new episodes the day after they air. Until VoD services can compete with live broadcast times, I can't see them doing much to curb the pirating of new content.

      I use Netflix with a geo-block bypass service and love it. Australia certainly needs a legitimate VoD service, but I'm afraid ours will be horribly overpriced and missing a lot of content.

    I think the content producers have to realise that we're sick of getting shafted while they sit on "fat stacks". It's tough to cry poor when you're ONLY making tens of millions of dollars, instead of the hundreds of millions you once were.
    Come to the realisation that we know your scam and we're not sheep, then you might get somewhere.

    I don't agree with pirating shows or movies, however the big reason is that we live in a world where everyone has access to information as soon as it is created. E.g. A news report occurs in the USA and with in seconds, I have access to it in Aus. Now days we are use to getting information in seconds, not hours or days. The Networks are still living in the early 90's where they think people will wait to watch a show, even if it is shown an hour later. They need to stop releasing shows country, by country and release the shows to everyone at once, and make it available on multiple streaming platforms. I don't have an ipod or any apple product, so i'm not going to use iTunes to stream the show, but i'm more then happy to watch it on my xbox, or hulu. Wake up Network's, and get with the times, to stop piracy, you need to stop being exclusive and be inclusive.

    I watch my downloaded shows like I watch TV, they're not like DVD collections or movies. So as far as I'm concerned my entitled attitude is completely these TV companies fault: they've created the very viewership that wants to pirate.

    For over 20 years I'm now used to completely free shows afforded by advertisements, but also over 20 years of insufferable advertising, delayed shows, schedule shakeups and endless repeats. Guess what gives me all of the good and none of the bad?

    If there was a quality video on demand service in Australia I would use it... And by quality, I mean not only one that has HD options (I don't want to watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on a potato thank you very much)... at a reasonable price ($10-20) a month with TV shows available on the same day as American airings... I would gladly pay for it.

    As it stands, my choices are pay Foxtel $100 a month for the few shows I like, and still have to endure advertisments while watching them. Wait for F2A to show them (hah!), which would then be edited for violence and titties, and crammed full of in-show ads. Or download it and support the show by buying the blu-rays when they're released (which I most frequently do... from the UK of course, screw paying inflated AU prices).

    bleat bleat bleat.
    I want my shows NOW. I don't like PAYING $X amount. Give ME more options.
    Save the sob stories pirates. Stop all the excuses. If you can't afford it do without it for a change.
    Grow UP!

    Well I'm home and it's finished downloading and I'm ready to watch it, any alternatives?

      Of course, you thief!

      All you have to do is wait for the next business day, Tomorrow I suppose, Ring up Foxtel, arrange for a contract to begin, wait 2-4 weeks for a technician to come out and install the hardware. Then, all you have to do is not watch the show until the DVD of the season comes up so you can catch up.

    Yet we only lead the US by 0.1% this isn't as bad as people make it out to be

      Except they have a population of 300 million and we have 20 million.... That percentage is overall downloads so per capita we download a lot more.

    I'll consider curtailing my downloading activity if the US apologizes for the GFC, or when the skies are full of flying pigs, whichever comes first.

    Foxtel is a stain on this countries media services. Teltra, Foxtel, all those companies run by Rupert Murdoch are cashing in on gullible, ignorant Australians. Vote Labor, change the provider of our whole countries communications infrastructure. There is nothing wrong with nationalisation, it's not communism, it's common sense.

    Last edited 19/08/13 1:25 pm

    The crazy thing is.. It won't matter how much we all yell and scream about it. None of the big companies care how frustrated people are with their services. People are starting to wake up to it but the company clydesdales all have their blinkers turned on. We need Hulu or Netflix or a new on line streaming company to spring up and make easy advertised new shows available. DRM sure.. tie it to an email account or something like Hulu's doing for their premium accounts. Foxtel will die. Its sad cuz no Foxtel execs probably even read places like this to see how the market is flowing. Until that happens. nada.. nothing will ever start to happen. WAKE UP COMPANIES... GET YOUR MONEY WHERE IT'S ACTUALLY AT and stop pretending that it exists elsewhere!

    If netflix was available in Australia (I know you can get it, I use netflix already, but I mean properly, officially available) and had the current seasons with all the latest episodes it would significantly impact the piracy rate.
    I currently use netflix, and while there is always room for imporvement, generally the service is pretty good.
    Yes you need a good internet connection, yes you need a high download limit (or ideally unlimited), yes it doesn't have current season, yes there are still some great shows missing from it's libraries but for $7 per month it provides a truckload better value that $1000 foxtel.
    In fact the only thing foxtel does better would be sports, since I don't think netflix has any.

    We've all said this a million times, make the content easily available, good quality, on demand, not 6 months late, for an affordable price and piracy will stop being a problem.
    You'll never completely eliminate theft, but when you stop punishing legitimate customers, you'll get more of them.

    Reading the comments here makes me sick. Who the fuck do you idiots think you are that you have the right to decide how much someone else's product is worth? You'd never go and steal a car because you couldn't afford to buy one but if you can steal something with no chance of being caught and punished for it, that makes it OK. It's pathetic. It disgusts me. It makes me ashamed to belong to the same society, the same race, that spawned such narcissistic sociopaths as you lot.

      Hey Motormouth, you've been having this here argument for all these years. Do you get a kick out of it or something? Because you could, y'know if it makes you that upset, just not get involved...

      No, wait, these days I actually specifically look out for these articles to watch the spectacle.

      Perhaps you are happy being spoon fed the crap that everyone gives you... But a lot of us aren't.
      And it shows in all these wonderful statistics.

      I love that so many Aussies are Pirating... The more of us that pirate, the more that Australia as a whole is protesting against this grule we're being fed.
      It's our way of saying "No sir, no more"/

      It is time for these "content providers" and I use that term loosely, to start listening to those they are offering their services to.

      I think the reason that people are making the comment on the cost of a product is: The general consensus appears to be that the product is over priced for the service it provides, while it is essentially a monopoly in Australia, I would be loathe to agree, on any side without seeing a complete costing.

      I would wager that an "al a carte" style service would be better accepted, but again, not sure how viable it would be as a profitable service.

      I think "narcissistic sociopaths" is a bit much, It is easier for a person to say that something is flawed and criticise than it is to work towards a better outcome for all involved. I would also suggest that while Foxtel continues to make a profit they would not be prepared to alter their model in any way, even if it provided a better service.

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