Aussie TV Networks Reportedly Working On A Netflix Rival

Aussie TV Networks Reportedly Working On A Netflix Rival

Bless their cotton socks.

Channels Seven and Nine are both working on a new “Netflix rival” if a new report is to be believed. Basically it would see the two networks join forces to dominate the rebroadcasting rights surrounding their most popular local shows, so that online rebroadcasting services like Netflix and Hulu can’t scoop them up for cheap if they ever decide to land in Australia.

The Australian Financial Review adds that an elite team of Channel Nine goons has been stationed at Seven’s offices to work on the new online platform, which would reportedly boast shows like Home And Away, which believe it or not is Seven’s most popular show in catch-up.

Sure, it’s good news that Australia’s TV networks are coming around to the idea of co-operative internet streaming platforms (better five years late than never, right?) but just think for a second though: how many of their shows do you actually want to watch? Sure, Home And Away is popular with catch-up audiences, but how many people would stream that in comparison to content that’s actually good like Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards or Arrested Development?


Here’s how to get Netflix and Hulu in Australia if you’re interested. [AFR]