Audi S3 Sportback Comes With 4G Built-In

Audi S3 Sportback Comes With 4G Built-In

Audi’s upcoming S3 Sportback is a pretty exciting car, and it’s about to get even better for geeks in the passenger seat: the car will now come with a built-in 4G hotspot so you can connect all your wireless gadgets on the go, while the driver expands the services available on the Audi Connect system.

GigaOM reports that customers in the US and Europe are able to order the 4G-enabled Audi S3, with models rolling off the production line between now (for European buyers) and mid-next year (for US buyers).

The in-car 4G will be used to provide connectivity to the Audi Connect in-car entertainment and navigation system. You’ll get access to Google Earth and Google Maps, music streaming services and social networks with the built-in 4G service, as well as the ability to share the hotspot around the car to tablets, laptops and smartphones.

The Sierra Wireless 4G LTE module will likely need to be customised to fit in with the regulatory restrictions of different countries, with pricing for the service a whole different kettle of fish to worry about.

Audi Australia doesn’t launch the car until December, which means that plans are still as yet up in the air as to whether the local model will launch with 4G connectivity built-in.

Audi has told us that engineers are currently working on a solution for the 4G module that will see it work in Australia. It needs tweaking because of the network frequencies on the country’s major networks.

We’ll let you know if it ends up hitting Australian roads.