Apple’s Charger Replacement Scheme Will Include Australia

Apple’s Charger Replacement Scheme Will Include Australia

Apple has confirmed that its scheme to offer discounted replacement USB chargers for iPhones, iPads and iPods will happen in Australia. What we don’t know yet is what people will pay.

Apple announced the scheme to replace unofficial third-party adaptors on its US support page earlier this week, but a similar page hasn’t yet appeared on the Australian site. An Apple Australia spokesperson confirmed that the scheme would roll out globally from 16 August .

Under the scheme, which runs until 18 October, iDevice owners can purchase a replacement adaptor for their devices if they hand over their third-party charger at an Apple store (Apple says it will organise environmentally-safe disposal). You need to bring your device as well, and there’s a limit of one bargain USB adaptor per device.

What we don’t know yet is the price. In the US, replacement chargers are being offered for $US10. If Apple followed its usual principle of largely matching the price but adding GST, we could expect to pay $11.

In the US, the USB power adaptor normally costs $US19 (less tax); in Australia, it’s $25. The roughly half-price there ratio suggests we might pay $12.

China’s replacement scheme kicks off ahead of the rest of the world on 9 August. Reports of a Chinese iPhone user being electrocuted by a third-party charger are widely presumed to be the reason for the scheme, though Apple hasn’t stated that explicitly.

Republished from Lifehacker