Apple Finally Fixed The Bug That Let Fake Chargers Hack Your iPhone

The bug that allowed fake chargers to hack your iPhone has finally been fixed by Apple. Good! But you won't get the software fix until iOS 7. Apple was alerted of the security hole earlier this year and the hack was demonstrated at the Black Hat hacking convention on Wednesday.

Apple told Reuters that the fix had actually been issued in the latest beta of iOS 7, which means non-developers aka regular people will have to wait until iOS 7 is officially released to get patched up.

The way the hack worked was through a custom built charger equipped with a Linux computer. Sounds fancy! And it is! But it's also potentially very dangerous, as the charger could infect the phone with viruses that could give hackers remote control of the phone and the ability to steal sensitive information. But we don't have to worry about that anymore! Well, we still have to be sort of careful what we stick into our iPhone until iOS 7 comes out. [Reuters]

Picture: Digitalnative

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