An Inside Look At How Tesla Quality-Tests The Model S

Tesla prides itself on a quality product, and the best way to ensure that every Model S rolling out of the factory meets that high standard is by putting it under a quality-control microscope. Here's what each car goes through before it's allowed to leave.

Wired took a trip through Tesla's quality-control centre and found that the whole process of making sure a Model S is good enough to go to its owner takes five hours.

In those five hours, the Model S will doused with reusable water to see if any of it leaks in, driven over six different surfaces for weird cabin noises and thrown onto a dyno track to drive 20 miles before slamming on the anti-lock brakes to see if they work.

Technicians then go over the car with a fine toothcomb to see if anything is loose, missing or broken.

Then, and only then, is the Tesla Model S allowed to roll out the door to its lucky new owner. [Wired]

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