An Elaborate Mechanical Sundial That Doesn't Need A Drop Of Sunlight

At first glance it looks like a giant, industrial, animated chandelier hanging over your head. But instead of just illuminating a room with its imposing glow, artist Conrad Shawcross' Timepiece doubles as a modern take on the sundial. Because unlike the ancient clocks that kept our ancestors on time, this one doesn't need the sun at all.

But before you grab your pitchforks and start shouting "blasphemy", remember that Timepiece is only intended to be an artful way to encourage people to re-think their concept of time. Throughout the day the installation — which hangs at London's Roundhouse, an old steam engine repair shed — casts an ever-evolving pattern of shadows that can be used to tell time thanks to a surrounding perimeter of 24 stoic pillars.

It may not be the most effective or efficient way to actually keep track of time, but as a meditation on the concept in general, it definitely shines bright. [Roundhouse via Wired]

An Elaborate Mechanical Sundial That Doesn't Need a Drop of Sunlight

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