Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

Aldi's own low-cost pre-paid mobile offerings have launched, and we have everything you need to know about the new service. In light of the recent ispONE drama taking down Kogan Mobile, it might be a good idea to look at your options.

What Is It?

AldiMobile is the new low-cost pre-paid service from everyone's favourite discount German supermarket.

How Much?

Probably the best thing about AldiMobile is the prices. It's not the cheapest pre-paid provider in the country, but it does offer some great value for those who want long-expiry times, for example.

AldiMobile will offer three tiers: Pay As You Go for light users, Unlimited for heavy users and a mobile internet offering.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go lets you recharge with either $15 or $30 worth of credit which has an expiry time of 365 days. Calls to national fixed, mobiles, 13, 1300, 1800 and voicemail services costs 12 cents per minute charged at per minute rates. Text messages to national mobile numbers are also 12 cents per message, while an MMS will set you back 35 cents. The Pay As You Go tier doesn't include any bundled data when you recharge, rather it is charged on a per use basis at 5 cents per megabyte.


For those who need a little more grunt in their plan, there's the $35 Unlimited tier. A $35 recharge lasts for 30 days before expiring and gives you free, unlimited calls to national fixed, mobiles, 13, 1300, 1800 and voicemail services, as well as free, unlimited standard national texting and MMS. On the Unlimited plan you get 5GB worth of data to use.

Neither the Unlimited or Pay As You Go offerings carry flagfall/call connection charges.

Mobile Internet

AldiMobile's Mobile Internet tier is perhaps some of the best value: it gets you 2GB of data for $15. Much like the Unlimited plan, however, that $15 value has a 30-day expiry time.


AldiMobile has done the smart thing and saddled itself to Telstra for its coverage. AldiMobile has signed on to be what's known as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) of Telstra's wholesale 3G (Next G) network through reseller Medion Australia. What that means is that you'll have coverage to 97 per cent of the population and data speeds ranging from 550kbps to 3Mbps.

Is It Worth It?

Australia's pre-paid space keeps getting more and more competitive. First we had Kogan Mobile offering crazy pre-paid value on Telstra's wholesale network, now we have AldiMobile doing the same.

The long-expiry rates on the Pay As You Go tier are fantastic for people who barely use their phone but still need decent coverage and rates when they do, and the Unlimited tier is one of the most competitive pre-paid deals in the nation.

The bottom line? AldiMobile has it where it counts for users who need a mobile once or twice per year like your Nan. The mobile internet tier is also pretty competitive for those who want cheap pre-paid data, but keep in mind that your service won't go much faster than the prescribed speed of 3Mbps. As far as the Unlimited tier goes, it's great value, especially now that Kogan Mobile is folding.



    I'm guessing `computer says no' but if I have a prepaid account with Telstra with credit remaining and I get the Aldi SIM etc can I transfer the balance from the Telstra Sim to the Aldi account (I could with the JB HiFi plan but then I think they just have a plan with Telstra as you use Telstra to login etc).

    I just don't want to lose my $40 credit if I swap!

      You could wait until you've used the $40 with Telstra THEN buy the Aldi Sim...?

      Computer says no. Definitely.

      An MVNO has nothing to do with the Network Operator and has no pricing interaction through customers with them.

      Computer Says No faster than you can blink. Despite the fact that AldiMobile uses Telstra's networks, the back end systems are COMPLETELY different. Just spend $40 on sex lines or spam texts or something then switch, I guess?

        does this then apply to their network locks?
        its probably a question done to death, can you switch a device between a main carrier and its mvno's? IE optus with Virgin, Amaysim, Telstra with Kogan and Aldi etc

        vodafone with whoevers dumb enough

          Can I use a Telstra locked prepaid phone from Australia post with an aldi sim

            For those raising the question re using a Telstra locked phone with an ALDI SIM.
            I can use my Telstra locked USB dongle with a Kogan SIM and it works fine.
            So I would think that you could use a Telstra locked phone with an ALDI SIM.

              My wife uses Aldi mobile with a Telstra locked phone no problems.

        I thourght its a good deal but when i tried to activate the service i was feft without for more than 24 hrs I had to phone up again and learned i was a fraudster and so was the fed gov and vic gov was also.the atitude of the staff reminded me ww2 I am 75 years old and brought back BAD memories

      That's a definite no, Ernie.
      They're seperate companies, so no credit transfer.
      Just wait until you've used your credit and then transfer?

      perhaps you could do a breakeven analysis to determine how long you'll need to use an Aldi SIM for to erase the massive $40 hole you just blew in your finances?


      If you have android, go on a spending spree buying music/apps/movies/magazines in the play store (up to $20 cap per tansaction).

    It looks like the images are around the wrong way.
    The Unlimited graphic is under the Pay As You Go graphic and vice versa.

    I would happily pay the extra $5 to deal with Aldi's customer service, rather than Kogan. Though for the time being, I'm going with Boost, so I get the full NextG network that I'm used to. (Minus the 4G that my phone doesn't support in the first place.)

      How do you know Aldis is any better?

        I've already dealt with their mobile customer service and it's not bad. Plus they are having faaaaar fewer complaints then on Kogan. I'm porting to a different name, while a lot of people were having problems with Kogan even porting to the same name, so I don't want to risk making it worse.

        Kogan's support, even for non-KM products, is notoriously bad. It's almost safe to assume that any other company is better, even an unknown quantity*. Although for some people, it's most certainly worth the price difference - I totally understand that.

        For me, Aldi is a safer way to test the waters of the network. (For a start, you can just buy a SIM instore, rather than waiting a month for one to be delivered).

        *I'm exaggerating, sure. But not by much.

    This seems too good to be true...

    $35 a month for unlimited calls and 5GB of data. My current Telstra plan costs $60 a month with limited calls and 1.5GB of data, and it's on the exact same network.

    Am I missing something?

      Yes you very much are. The network offered by Kogan and Aldi are most definitely NOT the same as the Telstra network that you are on now.

      I will refer to a previous lifehacker article about it:

      Kogan Mobile is using Telstra’s 850MHz 3G, but not the service that provides up to 4G speeds. Sign up to “Telstra”, and you’re only limited by the specifications of your device, up to 4G or the top speeds of HSPA+. Sign up to “Parts of the Telstra Network” (that’s Kogan’s phrasing for it) with Kogan Mobile, and you won’t go above 7.2Mbps at any time; anecdotal testing and Kogan’s own guidelines suggest that 3Mbps is a more likely figure. Another practical consideration here is that if you were switching over from an Optus phone, make sure it’s 850MHz compatible, and not just 900Mhz.

      There fore you must weigh up the price drop against the network speed loss.

      Kogan is still better $29 unlimited calls & text 6gb data per month, as for customer service I don't know. I'm will to try aldi sim and compare services.

        Kogan fine print max 400mb per day on unlimited plan... Small but???

      Yes you're missing $25, lots of calls and half your data, though you don't get access to the full Telstra network. Though at 98.5% population coverage (when including 2G) ALDI sits neatly in between Telstra's and Optus coverage.
      Or if you love everything about Telstra except for their prices, Boost Mobile (owned by Telstra) has prepaid at $40 per month unlimited SMS and calls and 3GB of data, the only difference is no access to 4G, otherwise it has identical population coverage as Telstra of 99.3%. I've bought my Boost Mobile SIM already!!

    All you are missing is that Aldi is willing to sell at a lower margin than Telstra is. Simple as that.

      Bingo! That's their business model.

    Is this 100% telstra? Kogan only uses part of the Telstra network and they won't say which part (most likely the shitty part) so I'm dubious about using them

      For general every day use Kogan is fine. I've been using it for 3months now with no issues to speak of. Constantly stream radio, watch youtube etc with no troubles. Unless you want to tether to a computer and have the patience of a 5yr old waiting for a video to load you wont have any problems.

      Also to mention, the article states AldiMobiles Unlimited plan is $35per month and that the only difference between KoganMobiles offering is an extra 1gb. KoganMobile is $29 per month if you want to do it that way, or its $79 for 3 months or $299 for 1 year. So Kogan is $5 per month cheaper and has the extra 1gb data.

      I think the Pay As You Go 365days Aldi offer is excellent for an emergency phone or for a low user.

        Hey MattO, Im with Kogan now for 2 months , and Kogan doesnt offer internation SMS on the $79 unless you add on some extras for $15 not sure now.. Reading this Aldi offers $10 dollars for internation usage with the $35.. so Kogan Requals to be $45 with the bolt on package..

        I know optus offers $50 turbo package with unlimited and $50 international included..
        i Just feel ripped of now that i cant message my family in europe.
        Thank you .

          Hey Dario, I use Viber & Whatsapp for anything international so the bolt on package means nothing to me personally. I'd recommend getting onto these apps as it will save you the $15 bolt on every month. Obviously provided that you can get the people you're trying to contact to have the apps also.
          I even find Skype and email is adequate for getting in touch with people overseas. Hell, even facebook messenger works like a charm.
          I feel in this day and age if you're paying extra for contacting people overseas you're getting jagged. With so many 'free' options (Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, email, Facebook etc etc etc) Why would you pay extra for something that you can easily get for whats included in the value you're already paying for.

          I've recently set my parents up with their smartphones (iPhone 3 and Galaxy S), put viber, whatsapp and their email on them and even they have no troubles (coming from a Nokia 6300 and N95)

          Anyway, thats just me. Good luck!

            I was with Optus and my whatsapp on Blackberry worked fine. Since moving to Aldi, I cant make it work. I am on their prepaid mobile plan without any bolt on. How can I get the whatsapp to work please. Thanks in advance.


            Worked it out, it was an old whatsapp version nothing to do with Aldi.

    Article didnt state how data is counted.
    Can this be found out and updated please Gizmodo?

      We have to assume that they use the same as kogan; which is per MB

    What about number portability. i.e. can I keep my existing Voda mobile phone number on Aldi?

      same question, I want to ditch vodafones crappy 365 prepaid for Aldi, 45cents a text is nuts.

        45c a text? What? I've had my vodafone sim for the last decade, and I'm pretty sure that an SMS still only costs me 28c each.

        Of course even though I say "only" it's gone up from the 25c that it used to be for most of that time.

        Yes you can keep your existing number!

          Can I bring my telstra mobile phone number with me if I transfer to ALDI pre paid ?

    3Mbps, no thank you. I get more data, higher speed and still great coverage with Kogan. My best speed test has cracked 7Mbps with averages normally around 5Mbps.

      It's exactly the same network. Same speed and coverage as Kogan. If you're lucky enough to exceed the rated avg of 3 Mb/s, it would be the same for Aldi. I guess part of what you'd be paying more for on AldiMobile is getting to avoid Kogan and their antics, but if you're happily connected there without any dramas, then there's no reason to change.

      My phone usually sits at 1.5-2.0Mb/s -ish on full Telstra, so the speed limit is not an issue for me, I just want the extra coverage.

      Last edited 07/03/13 12:36 am

    Apart from the minor teething problems with Kogan support, it is much better than using Optus. Now I actually get coverage, everywhere (even in my home), data speeds be damned. Optus is now mirroring vodafone, it's crap. Adios Optus. Cheap Kogan/Aldi plans, here I come.

    Really confused now,

    I am an existing Lycamobile Customer which uses Telstra's 2G Network. I dont have any issues with network when it comes to coverage but only reason I want to move out of Lyca is the mobile internet. Trust me,its hell slow in opening simple webpage, stream is still future for them. Apart from the Data speed issue I really liked lyca.

    It took me a month to get my kogan sim and now I am really confused whether I should go for Kogan or for ALDI. I will be moving from 2G to 3G network but I do a lot of international calling as well due to my work and Lyca turns out be the better option for that. Lyca offers $24 per month unlimited national calling and textplan with 3 GB data.

    If I move to Kogan 3G, I will get the same plan + extra 3GB data in $25 (provided i take yearly plan) but It will be expensive to make international call say $0.10 per min for India where as Lyca charges $0.01 per min.

    Question I have is that "Is Kogan 3G is good to make calls using VOIP such as ActionVOIP or Skype". I use HTC One X.

    Any suggestion, Shall I continue to port my number from Lyca to Kogan or shall I wait for some more time.

    Any suggestion will be appriciated.

    Kogan Mobile offers better value, not only their unlimited calls pre pay plan gives you more data, it also charges you less, on a month to month, it is only $29 and even less if you prefer to pay 1 year up front or 6 months up front. Aldi Mobile charge you more $35 and gives you less, 1 gig data less. Why would anyone want that?
    They both use the shitty portion of Telstra service, so we re comparing rotten apples with rotten apples. But it is still better than Vodafone or Optus service despite being the shitty part of Telstra service. Both Vodafone and Optus are at best Telstra's shitty service. At worse, no service at all.

    Aldi, on it's $35 plan, is way ahead of Kogan because includes $10 credit to make international calls which are 10c a minute to most common countries. To make international calls with Kogan you have to pay an EXTRA $15 per month on top of their $29.

      Have just signed up to Aldi still cheap but you have to pay for 365 days first $30 then pay unlimited plan monthly $35 as a bolt on. I emailed them thinking it was a mistake but they told me " Reply from Jess Halkett on 12/03/2013 14:36:27To be able to add an unlimited Bolt on you must first have Pay as you go credit on your account, which is the $15 or $30 recharge, this lasts 365 days. You will now need to add your unlimted bolt on. Thankyou."

        Not true. I set mine up today with just the bolt on. There's a button I pressed to bypass the start up and instead used the bolt on. Working all well and good:)

    most people do not care for internationl calls on mobile but if they do there is an app called Foo Call which turns all your international call into local calls which is free to call on Kogan Mobile unlimited plan for pennies and no expiry date starting only at $5 you can use Foo Call to talk for hours to overseas for a mere 80 cents!

    Yes its great value for calls, but I'd be interested if you can find out what Aldi is doing about data rounding?

    Most of these budget carriers (including Kogan) round data up to the nearest MB, which means you chew through your data at a much faster rate than otherwise. Bear this in mind if you use mobile data in generous quantities.

    I am just wondering if there is some sort of social networking involved with the Aldi sim??
    I'm currently on Amaysim (Optus lines) and pay $40 per month and that gets me unlimited calls and 4gb of data... Before I change to Aldi I just want to know about the social networking issue as I use it for my facebook ebay email and twitter lol

    I am currently using Telstra prepaid if I go to aldi unlimited do I need a new micro sim or am I given new one for my iPhone ?

      You can buy the sim from Aldi. It comes with $5 credit then add pack u want online. The sim can be a full sim or just push out interior to use as micro Sim:-) Genius :-)

    Not too bad a deal, at least for the unlimited pack, I was with amaysim which was pretty good deal, now Im with Kogan unlimited for 10 bucks less a month at 29.00 per month with 6gig unlimited monthly..great deal, good service, uses telstra network great reception no drop outs etc etc, yet to see anyone beat that! I asked amaysim to match it to keep my business, they sent me a crappy email "gee sad to see you go, have a nice life"! pffffttt!! Bye bye amaysim, hello kogan..anyone got better than kogan??

    Oh as for the tethering, I do so from my i phone 4, on kogan 29 month unlimited plan..I have no issues using on my laptop, its fast no matter what Im doing from u tube or doing three things at once..of course having a brillliant lenovo laptop helps but def no issues tethering ..

    I just switched to the Aldi plan after waiting for my Kogan sim for 2

    I'm now wondering? I do a lot of international travel, does this now mean I cannot use global roaming as its prepaid? What do I do if I want to be contactable on my AUS number while away?? Might have to go back to postpaid

    Can I just buy a sim at an Aldi Store, or do I have to order it,


    As Aldi dont seem to sell phones at the moment can anyone say if you could put the Aldi sim in a 2g phone ? I was looking for something cheap but as its telstra 3g im not sure if it needs a 3g phone...

      Aldi is selling phones now one is a basic no frills one that is 20 dollars and one is 200 which is a pretty nice looking phone

      I work for Aldi. We are selling phones on a permanent basis. A cheap $19.99 phone for your Grandma and a $199 dual core smartphone that has received a lot of praise. The starter packs can be purchased in store along with the recharge cards. The starter packs come with a regular sim card AND a microsim so everyone is covered. The aldimobile webiste is very user friendly and new services are activated quickly. Also, porting your old number across is easy upon setup.

        I have a phone.....want to get smartphone from Aldi....can I use my existing sms card and a micro card in the Aldi phone

    hey guys it was asked up in the comments before but wasnt answered if i switch to aldi can i keep my number im on telstra at the moment but i dont want to have to change my number

      Seriously, what's everyone jacked up about customer service for? You only talk to them once every 2 years or so. Its quality of service you want.

      Yes you can keep your number. You "port" your number when you change your sim.

    pinned for what reason exactly?

    another paid advertisement... getting old, giz.

    AldiMobile needs to up their data allowance to 7 gigs for charging $35 then they will be in the competition with KoganMobile, until then, it's just another reseller with nothing new nothing of value nothing to write home about.

    Last edited 10/03/13 6:24 pm

      I disagree aldimobile will do better than kogan in the long run as compared with optus and Vodafone service getting worse its not worth getting there plans anymore they need to lisen more optus and Vodafone

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