Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

Aldi’s own low-cost pre-paid mobile offerings have launched, and we have everything you need to know about the new service. In light of the recent ispONE drama taking down Kogan Mobile, it might be a good idea to look at your options.

What Is It?

AldiMobile is the new low-cost pre-paid service from everyone’s favourite discount German supermarket.

How Much?

Probably the best thing about AldiMobile is the prices. It’s not the cheapest pre-paid provider in the country, but it does offer some great value for those who want long-expiry times, for example.

AldiMobile will offer three tiers: Pay As You Go for light users, Unlimited for heavy users and a mobile internet offering.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go lets you recharge with either $15 or $30 worth of credit which has an expiry time of 365 days. Calls to national fixed, mobiles, 13, 1300, 1800 and voicemail services costs 12 cents per minute charged at per minute rates. Text messages to national mobile numbers are also 12 cents per message, while an MMS will set you back 35 cents. The Pay As You Go tier doesn’t include any bundled data when you recharge, rather it is charged on a per use basis at 5 cents per megabyte.


Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

For those who need a little more grunt in their plan, there’s the $35 Unlimited tier. A $35 recharge lasts for 30 days before expiring and gives you free, unlimited calls to national fixed, mobiles, 13, 1300, 1800 and voicemail services, as well as free, unlimited standard national texting and MMS. On the Unlimited plan you get 5GB worth of data to use.

Neither the Unlimited or Pay As You Go offerings carry flagfall/call connection charges.

Mobile Internet

Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

AldiMobile’s Mobile Internet tier is perhaps some of the best value: it gets you 2GB of data for $15. Much like the Unlimited plan, however, that $15 value has a 30-day expiry time.


AldiMobile has done the smart thing and saddled itself to Telstra for its coverage. AldiMobile has signed on to be what’s known as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) of Telstra’s wholesale 3G (Next G) network through reseller Medion Australia. What that means is that you’ll have coverage to 97 per cent of the population and data speeds ranging from 550kbps to 3Mbps.

Is It Worth It?

Australia’s pre-paid space keeps getting more and more competitive. First we had Kogan Mobile offering crazy pre-paid value on Telstra’s wholesale network, now we have AldiMobile doing the same.

The long-expiry rates on the Pay As You Go tier are fantastic for people who barely use their phone but still need decent coverage and rates when they do, and the Unlimited tier is one of the most competitive pre-paid deals in the nation.

The bottom line? AldiMobile has it where it counts for users who need a mobile once or twice per year like your Nan. The mobile internet tier is also pretty competitive for those who want cheap pre-paid data, but keep in mind that your service won’t go much faster than the prescribed speed of 3Mbps. As far as the Unlimited tier goes, it’s great value, especially now that Kogan Mobile is folding.