A Photoshop Crash Course In Colorising Black And White Photos

If you've stared in awe at the recent influx of colorised black and white photos popping up online, wondering just how someone was able to bring such life to an image, here's your answer. Mads Madsen, a talented 18-year-old Photoshop artist, has created a detailed six-minute video documenting the process he uses to add colour to historic images.

If the sped-up video moves too quickly though, Madsen has also posted a step-by-step tutorial on the Civil War Talk forum, which goes into even more detail but is easier to follow at your own pace. And not only how to best use the tools in Photoshop, but also the tricks and techniques he's developed and perfected when it comes to choosing colours and where exactly to most effectively use them. [YouTube via PetaPixel]

A Photoshop Crash Course In Colorizing Black and White Photos

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