7 Essential Self-Heating Garments To Keep You Warm In The Cold

7 Essential Self-Heating Garments To Keep You Warm In The Cold

Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors huddled close to a delightful fire. There’s plenty of things to do in the winter that don’t involve shovels or shopping. So with this collection of self-warming garments and accessories, you’ll have no reason to fear venturing out into the cold. In fact, you’ll be so cozy you may never want to venture back indoors — it’s just too bad batteries don’t last forever.

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Since your feet are always touching the frigid ground, or even snow, it’s a good idea to make sure that’s your first line of defence against the cold. And using an included wireless remote, you can crank these insoles to a toasty 44 degrees and leave a trail of melted snow wherever you wander. $200

Gerbing’s Microwire Heated Socks

But insoles only really protect the bottom of your feet against the cold. To keep everything warm below your knees you’ll need a pair of heated socks, and using ultra thin wires and heat conducting fibres this pair evenly spreads the heat around. So no need to fear even the deepest of frigid snow drifts. $100

WarmX Long Sleeve Undershirt and Tights

Before you start bundling up in your puffy outerwear, you need to ensure you’ve got a warm base layer first. These undergarments from WarmX use a combination of a heating element and a variety of fabrics and knit weights for optimal heat production and retention, even when only in your underwear. $1,025

Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves

When you venture out into chilly temperatures your hands and fingers will be the first places you lose heat. So splurging on a pair of gloves that guarantees to stave off frostbite is far from a luxury. Chaval’s gloves run for 4 to 6 hours on a charge and automatically adjust their temperature to keep things comfortably warm inside, not scorching. $390

Columbia Electro Amp Jacket

With a glowing Columbia logo on the chest that indicates its working, this self-warming jacket might not be the most inconspicuous way to battle the cold. But who cares? With an integrated heating system and a reflective lining to trap heat all you’ll care is that you look and feel warm and toasty. $250

Cordless Heated Headband

What’s the point of wrapping yourself from head to toe in electric outerwear when heat can still escape through your exposed head? This fleece headband is an acceptable alternative to dorky earmuffs, but only because a small battery on the back promises to prevent your ears from completely freezing in the cold. $50

Pajama Warming Pouch

Even with a furnace pumping out heat or a crackling fire by your side, it can still get unpleasantly cold in the middle of the night. So start your slumber the right way with a pre-warmed set of pajamas. This plug in pouch saves you a trip to the dryer, and at just 10 minutes it’s a faster and more energy-efficient way to prep your PJs. $40

Image by Horiyan/Shutterstock