11 People Who Actually Love This Twitter Update

Yesterday, Twitter unloaded an update on the unsuspecting masses that introduced a thin blue line to thread conversations together. As always happens whenever something is Slightly Different on the Internet, the people revolted. Except for these few.

While everyone else was busy wailing and gnashing their teeth in 140 character bursts, these brave iconoclasts have been vocal in their support. Meet the people who love New New (New) New Twitter. They were hard to find.

I’m sorry, people who despise change, but I like the new #BlueLine that #Twitter has added in the latest update. #GetOverIt
— ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (@jeffreybigmoney) August 29, 2013

kinda feel like a huge moron for even slightly complaining about the twitter change. it isn’t that bad
— Andrew Cochran (@Chaotician) August 29, 2013

@MarkSkinner_ @aexmo @Cennydd as an infrequent Twitter user these days I quite like the change – it gives immediate context.
— Pete Love (@pete_love) August 29, 2013

Think I like the new twitter blue line to link threads… change is never easy but this seems ok
— Sally Hitchiner ☩ (@SallyHitchiner) August 29, 2013

This new Twitter update is Love — Bilal (@BE_LAAL) August 29, 2013

i love the new twitter update
— THANK YOU BEAU ♡ (@beaus_blvd) August 29, 2013

Update on twitter is sick! Love the way it links conversations!
— 爪尺 Ⓒⓐⓡⓛⓞⓢ (@kidcarlosuk) August 29, 2013

Something is wrong with y’all. The update on twitter is good, not confusing. It’s annoying to see a back and forth convo tweets later.
— Stephanie Sophia (@Love___Sophia) August 29, 2013

Love the new twitter update
— Josh Jones (@strangewaysjj) August 29, 2013

No less an authority than AllThingsD reporter Peter Kafka weighed in on the smiley side of the thin blue line:

New design makes it easy to watch @pattonoswalt talk to @GreatDismal about HP Lovecraft. New design rocks. pic.twitter.com/usGbA7IQCl
— Peter Kafka (@pkafka) August 29, 2013

And perhaps the wisest words of all:

I haven’t seen this new change to the layout on Twitter but then I use an external app like all normal people.
— Obtuse™ (@ObtuseMusings) August 29, 2013