You Won't Believe What Microsoft Almost Called OneNote In Development

The development team behind Microsoft OneNote did a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything overnight, and among other things, the team revealed the names they were kicking around for the software before it became the OneNote that we know today.

Here are some of the sillier names:

• Mindgasm • Braingasm • Fol.E.O • Freescribe • Thought Org • Word Express • MemoMania • Take Note • Inlook

These go along with Microsoft's other weird product name suggestions for the Xbox One we saw a few days ago.

This scrap of paper with the name suggestions was clearly run by a massive team of lawyers, which is entertaining considering a little note at the bottom next to a suggestion of "Notes Organizer". The dev who suggested it wrote, "hmm, two Lotus trade-marketd product names into one. I wonder how the lawyers will think about this one".

My favourite dumb suggestion, however, is "Dude, Where's My Notes?". I would so use that application.

The more insightful suggestions included:

• Reflex • SmartMemo • Springboard • Scribbler • Free Form • Forté • Cabinet

You can check out the full AMA here.

What would you call OneNote if you could rename it? [Reddit]

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