You Can Ask Samsung’s Big Screen TVs To ‘Find You An Action Movie’. Meet The Smarter Smart TVs.

You Can Ask Samsung’s Big Screen TVs To ‘Find You An Action Movie’. Meet The Smarter Smart TVs.

The evolution of Smart TVs isn’t about features you don’t need; it’s about easier access to the content you love. From catch-up TV apps and streaming Foxtel movies to TV show suggestions tailored to your viewing habits. With voice interaction, you can ask your 2013 Samsung Smart TV questions like “anything to watch?” and have S-Recommendation display your list. And your Samsung Smart TV isn’t just listening. Face recognition* helps it know you’re you.

Samsung has also simplified fundamentals like channel surfing. On-screen, the ‘On TV’ interface presents a live feed of the channel you’re on, alongside a grid of what’s live on other channels. Over time, S-Recommendation begins to learn and overlay the kind of programs you like best. You can even use Motion Control to give a “thumbs up” gesture to a show* and S-Recommendation will remember it to suggest more of the same.

As you move about, you can use voice interaction by speaking into the microphone on the sleek Smart Touch remote. It also features a touch screen for more precise control of the upgraded Smart Hub 2.0 interface. This is where you can also access your own photos, videos and music plus switch between/download an impressive range of Smart TV apps.

The Apps Panel is the section of the Smart Hub where you can expand your TV’s capabilities by choosing from a huge and growing range of apps that add extra content and features to your entertainment experience. You may be interested in movies on-demand from Quickflix or BigPond, catch-up TV via the Yahoo 7 PLUS7 app; apps for fitness, music streaming with Samsung Music Hub, the list goes on.

And you can control it all with your Smart TV’s Voice and Motion control features (on select models).

*Requires built-in camera accessory, sold separately.

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