Would This New Urinal Design Make Men Wash Their Hands?

Here's a problem about guys: many of us don't wash our hands after using the restroom. It might be general grossness or everyman laziness or being too trusting your own hygiene or being too drunk or taking on a drive through mentality with a urinal. But if you monitor a men's restroom, you'll see many folks skip the sink.

But this new urinal design by Kaspars Jursons tries to solve the hand-washing problem by combining the sink with the urinal, two birds with one stone kind of thing. The thinking is that putting the sink on top of the urinal and making it sensor-activated, men will wash their hands because it is right in front of their faces.

The thinking is wrong. And the thinking is unbelievably gross.

Here's what will likely happen with these Frankenurinals: men, with their terrible aim and never ending urine, will manage to piss inside the sink and stain the tap a disgusting shine of morning yellow. It's going to be foul. In fact, with this new urinal + sink design, I'd bet there would be more piss in the sink, on the handle, around the receptacle and all over the place than there would be inside the urinal. I'd rather deal with non-washed hands than this.

Men are disgusting. Don't encourage us to be more disgusting. [Jursons via DesignTAXI]


    From what I hear from the women I work with is that women are no better. Also I don't think it's laziness as much as the person just being disgusting/dirty. I personally have no idea how being can be content going into any public restroom without washing their hands afterwards.

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    Two things - urine is sterile and my junk gets cleaned every day (well, most days). Why, then, would I feel the need to wash my hands after using the urinal? It doesn't make sense as the only thing in the toilet I touch is the door on the way out.

      From Wikipedia
      "Urine is sterile until it reaches the urethra, where epithelial cells lining the urethra are colonized by facultatively anaerobic Gram negative rods and cocci."
      That, and washing your junk first thing in the morning doesn't make it eternally clean. I wash my armpits every day, but if I groped around my armpit in the middle of the afternoon then I'd wash my hands before continuing. Or my foot.

        Epitheleal cells are skins cells, so what it's saying is that it's sterile apart from bacteria that live on your skin anyway. OK, it say sanaerobic but once you expose them to the air they'll die without further intervention. So if you are going to wash your hands after using the urinal, you should also wash your hands after every occasion on which your hands come into contact with any other part of your body which, clearly, is ridiculous.

          So would you be ok shaking the hand of a man who washes every day (keeps his 'junk' clean) but moments ago had his right hand on his penis?

            Certainly, he'd be in far more danger of picking up something from me than I from him.

              Your hands are dirty from touching things, you should really wash your hands before touching your clean junk.

          The bacteria is not obligate anaerobic therefore it can live when within an aerobic environment. i find it more annoying that you need to pull a door to exit some public toilets and when people don't wash their hands you are touching something filthy.

            How clean do you think water is? There are germs everywhere, you just need to get over it.

              Germs are everywhere, but germs that come from a human are more likely to be able to infect a human than a random germ selected from the entire suite of existing germs. For example, you'd probably be safer drinking from a pool of water with possum shit in than human shit in it.

                But if they haven't killed you, why would it matter? We are all full of bacteria, most of it is completely benign.

                  Absolutely. We have all these ridiculous rules, such as requiring food preparation staff to wash their hands after defecating, serving implements to be washed between customer uses and other such nonsense. Most bacteria is harmless, and since I haven't been killed by any previous bacteria what would make the next one any different?

                  Other people can expose me to new bacteria, which might kill me.

                  We do now but we never used to. I managed a couple of different Pizza Huts between 1987 and 1995 and we never had to wear gloves, we had no regime around hand washing and yet, strangely, no-one ever got sick from eating our pizzas.

      Couldn't agree more, what's the point of washing your hands if you're not touching anything inherently dirty? I don't know about everyone else, but I don't piss on my hands when I go to the toilet....

      The dirtiest thing in the restroom is the door on the way out, how many men have touched that handle with partially wet hands? That doorhandle is a cesspit of germs and bacteria and way more worrying than my own junk.

        what's the point of washing your hands if you're not touching anything inherently dirty?

        Because anything you touch after you've urinated is a source of contamination for anyone else touching the same surface, and vice versa. You probably can't catch anything from being in contact with your own urine, but the other ~7 billion of us can.

        Even astronauts wash their hands:


        Obviously, they do it with a lot more awesome, though, so you can only be awesome up to the level of normal public sanitation (unless you are an astronaut, which would be really cool, except for your co-astronauts if you're not washing your hands with non-rinsing, slightly soapy water in a tube).

        The dirtiest thing in the restroom is the door on the way out

        Actually, the door coming out of a toilet stall is the dirtiest thing in a restroom (http://cymeandcystidium.com/2011/12/04/microbial-biogeography-of-public-restroom-surfaces/). The exit door is the 4th dirtiest. Tap handles are significantly cleaner than either, so I assume that the handle is dirty because people don't wash their hands before they leave.

        Here are the steps to get the best of both worlds:

        1. Wash hands
        2. Grab some paper towel (or TP, if there are only air dryers, or BYO tissues or something)
        3. Apply paper to door
        4. Open door
        5. Dispose of paper (environmentally friendly(-ly?) methods preferred, but I don't want to turn this into some tree-hugger thing, cause that's too much arguing, and their hygiene is questionable anyway).

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          Again, I don't know about your toilet habits, but I tend to never get piss on my hands. If and when I do, I wash it off, but on a day to day basis,I only ever end up with pee on myself about 1% of the time.

          That's why I like toilet doors which swing in both directions and have kick-strips at the bottom. I can open them with my foot.

      so you pee hands free??? I loled & rofled at that one( its your junk & you can wash it as fast as you like son :))

    As said above, urine is sterile. And I shower every day so the old fella is probably cleaner than my face.
    the whole hand easing thing is a bit stupid anyway, you turn the tap off with the same hand you turned it on with, transferring anything you've washed off back onto your hand.

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      The 'tap' is a sensor.

        But normal taps everywhere else aren't. Either way, still wouldn't use them

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          So to clarify: It's stupid to use a tap to wash your hands because you transfer whatever was on your hand back via the tap, but you wouldn't use sensor-controlled taps anyway because... freedom?

            A sensor starts to help and I may be a little more likely to wash them, but you still have things like doors that undo the work of washing them. Besides habits are hard to break, especially when the urinal at work is usually anywhere 2 steps behind meand the normal plan is to not piss on my fingers.

    That's just weird. But anyone who does not wash their hands especially after using public toilets have no sense of hygiene.

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    Urine is sterile eh? Ever heard of a urinary tract infection?

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      True, certain conditions can result in pathogens in urine. This is not something to worry about though because once its in your urine you already have it. You won't "catch" anything from your own urine.

      This is why urine is drinkable as has been shown on many occasions. Drinking someone else's though is a different story.

      Getting your own pee on your hands is not much of a worry. You are in much worse danger in public toilets from touching the faucet handle. That's where you'll pick up your infections and a bit of cheap soap and cold water isn't going to do a lot if you do.

      Best bet if you're actualy worried about these things (you shouldn't be, unless the bathroom in question is really bad) is to use hand sanitizer after leaving the bathroom. That way you disinfect after touching all the surfaces that others have touched and you use something that will actually have an effect on the germs.

      In most cases washing your hands just gives you more opportunity to get germs on your hands.

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    Using a tap that's attached to the urinal, I would start NOT washing my hands. That's just a stupid idea.

    I have to say I agree with MotorMouth on one point. The worst thing in the toilet is the door on the way out. When will more places either remove the doors or make the doors open outwards so you can push with your foot. Or even provide Paper Towels so I can get out cleanly. Some smaller toilets you open the door first and hold it with your foot and then you wash your hands.

      If the faucet runs on a sensor, then getting it grubby won't really matter. Personally I think it's a bit pointless as washing your hands is a habit that most would either have or no have already by the time they use this particular urinal.

      Although I do agree on the door handle point: instead of this, I think overall hygiene would be better served by various ways to avoid touching the door handle with your hands.

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    They have they same sort of design for normal toilets too. The lid of the cistern is replaced with a tap/basin and when you flush, the tap turns on.
    Nice idea in principle (water saving etc.), but if you have to wash your hands at the urinal/toilet, it just means more time spent standing in yellow puddles. Not the nicest idea.

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    Some toilets you're better off NOT washing your hands. I usually resort to toilet paper to close taps and open door in some sketchy loos.

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    Wash your 'thing' once in the morning and you're good for the day!

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    So do you wash your hands before, after or during? either way I foresee plenty of splash back.

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    Not sure if this will catch on. It just seems like a target for school boys to abuse by urinating all over it or the like... No way I would use it! Now, if they really want to get people to wash their hands they could use facial recognition technology to identify who has used the urinal and then again to confirm they've been at the sink and used the tap to wash their hands. If they haven't, then don't let the door open! Think of it as a tech twist on those street public toilets that lock you in until you wash your hands! Anyway good luck to them!

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      Because no one would have a problem with a camera looking right at you while going to the toilet ?

      I can understand people that don't wash after using the urinal (i don't agree, but i can understand why they think they don't need to), the real issue is those that don't wash after using the stalls or those that only pretend to wash (I've seen both kinds and it boggles the mind).

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        Mate it's not looking at ur package it's looking at ur face just like everyone else in the toilet u walk past.

      I agree that it will just be a target. I remember in primary school there was a window in one of the toilets that was above the urinal. The window was always open and opened out to the teachers smoking area (that shows how old I am). The game played was to try and pee out the window into the teachers area, which resulted in much pee on the walls.

    This is where toilet design & functionality part ways.
    Unlike the HTC One which I'm going to win because it combined design & function ;-)

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    Would have thought that instead of having a sink, just let the tap flow into the actual urinal..?
    If it's automated, all you need to do is wash directly over the urinal. Infact they could make it so the water from the tap washes the urinal as you wash your hands! Holy crap... think I'll set up a Kickstarter link, any body want in... :)
    Oh, and I don't care how clean you think your junk is, wash your friggin hands...!! :)

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    Holy crap this is stupid and a massive wasted effort as you'd still need to make another set of sinks..

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    If I'm not mistaken, urine is only sterile for a short period of time, which is why Bear Grills couldn't carry his snake skin full of urine around with him when he was stuck in the desert.

    While I don't think this design will 'make' men wash their hands, I think it's a great design for saving a bit of water. Much like the cisterns with the sink on top, the idea of being able to wash your mostly clean hands with water that is then used to flush is fantastic.

    The space saving benefits are great as well. In places where real estate is at a premium (i.e clubs, pubs etc. where the ratio of urinals to sinks is 6:1), a Saturday night can see the bathroom fill up with people who DON'T wash their junk every day and don't have the patience to wait in line to use the sink.

    This design encourages people to wash their hands after they touch their junk, which is a fantastic step forward because I'm sure none of their mates want to shake hands with someone who has just fondled themselves in the bathroom.

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    There is already an Israeli designed toilet that has the basin above the cistern. The water used to wash hands after flushing goes directly back into the cistern to be used for the next flush. Very clever. Used one in a restaurant in Queensland.

      A team on a past season of "The Block" used one of these in an under-stairs powder room as a space saver, I recall. Quite a brilliant idea where space is a premium.

    Bugger the design - those urinals look to be uncomfortably close together.

    FYI, urine is sterile until it reaches the urethra, and sometimes not even then:


    Also, pretty much every part of a public toilet is bacteria loaded:


    And even were either of those things not the case, handwashing is one of the simplest and most effective forms of containing the spread of infectious disease:


    Please wash your hands. It's not really a big deal, and you'll live longer.

    I actually want the HTCOne for its BoomSound, but the closest I could find was:

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    George Michael's definition of Fast Love has just gone to a whole 'nutha level.

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    I just make it a habit of washing my hands regularly, I guess I'm slightly OCD like that, but it's also about how germs can spread these days from touching, hand shaking etc

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    I dunno about you guys, but I need 2 hands to wash and 2 hands to hold my junk.

    Kinda cant' do both at the same time if you're using both hands already ...

    Seems to me that this is innovation for the sake of innovation without even really being innovative. Sure, if it's setup right, you could recycle the water to flush the urinal, but they've already perfected the waterless urinal anyway!

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    I manage a Commercial tower and believe me when I tell you, women's toilets are a hell of allot worse. Although I must admit, these urinals are a really stupid idea. Would have probably been better to add a hand sanitiser dispenser in place of the tap.

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    I wash my hand's before peeing because I don't want to get my junk dirty.

    that is one nice looking urinal. hope it makes people wash their hands more often. hate it when people walk out of the toilet without washing their hands!

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    I ran a busy nightclub in the city for a little while. Let me assure you, girls are just as bad, if not, worse than men in bathroom habits (taking glasses in to do their business and leaving them on the floor). Plus, no way would I use the sinks in those bathrooms. I know where my stuff has been, it's much cleaner than those taps!

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