Watch Live Video Of A Historically Huge Sunspot Right Here, Right Now

Today starting at 2PM ET (4am AEST), a sunspot 11 times the size of our planet will be aimed right at us, and you can watch it live on Slooh SpaceCamera’s feed. Slooh, which collects pictures and video of celestial events, will be streaming video from the Lunt 152 solar telescope at Prescott Observatory in Arizona.

The sunspot, AR1785, is one of the biggest of the current solar cycle, and will be visible for about 25 minutes. Another nearby sunspot, AR1787 (real creative names here), has been recently active, and while no strong flares have been reported yet, there’s always the threat of a solar flare disrupting electronics and communication. Staring at the sun is bad, so stick to the video feed and don’t destroy your retinas. [Slooh SpaceCamera via]