Wall Decals Give Jay-Z A Starring Role In Your Living Room

You love Jay-Z, you say? Bad news: his appearance fee is bonkers. Good news: you can still have a private audience with Hova with these wall decals from design studio Pixers, which put him and several other famous musicians right in your home.

Pixers has created eight different colourful wall decals, each featuring a different musical act. There's one for Rihanna, MIA, Daft Punk, Pink, Depeche Mode, Skin and Jamiroquai. They're all totally customisable, and can be as small as 39 inches by 39 inches and as large as 187 inches by 125 inches. Prices start at $US47 for a smaller version and go all the way up to $US630 or the largest. They're like having a little street art in your own home. [Pixers via DesignBoom]

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