Three Years Of Premier League Soccer Assists, Visualised

Some players score, others set up — that's just the way it is. This data visualisation takes that idea and runs with it, churning through three seasons-worth of data to anaylse where Premier League soccer assists originate from.

Using Opta data — and excluding corner kicks, before you ask — Kickdex was able to analyse the positions from which players set up strikers. It explains the findings:

It is clear that to rack up the assists, a direct style isn’t the way to go. Only 14% of all assists come from long balls, and 29% from crosses (many of which are also classified as long balls). Over two thirds of all assists are short, precision passes made from just in front of the box and wide within the box.

Interesting. Just as interesting — but perhaps more predictable — is where those assists end up:

At least most of them went in the right direction. [Kickdex via Flowing Data]

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