This Viral Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past Gives Me Geek-Chills

Oh man. Get in here and check out this creepy viral teaser for the next X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

The "trailer" is actually a fake ad for Trask Industries: a company run by military scientist and once-Presidential advisor (in X-Men 2, anyway), Bolivar Trask. Trask is infamous in the X-Men universe for creating the Sentinels: robots programmed to locate and terminate mutants.

The Days Of Future Past arc in the Uncanny X-Men universe centres around a dystopian future where mutants are held prisoner in internment camps, before Kitty Pryde has her mind transferred into her younger body to compel the X-Men of the past to intervene in a moment in history to stop the horrible future from happening.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is on track for a May 2014 release date, following on as a sequel from the X-Men: First Class film. The X-Men of the past will all be reprised by the First Class actors, and some actors from the original X-Men films, including Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, have signed on to play their dark future selves. AWESOME.

There's even a viral website up for Trask Industries which you have to see. I love campaigns like this.

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    Very cool to see the sentinel in there.
    I have some faith restored in Fox after X-Men First Class.

      is it jsut me or do they look small and have tiny terminator sized heads

      i remember sentinels to be massive and have the retro, magneto helmet shaped heads.

      but yes, nonetheless cool. Tho i had to explain to my wife the meaning of the end credits scene in Wolverine

        They're 18ft tall in the movie. That's not a bad size at all. In the comics and cartoons, their sizes were always out of whack. In one comic they'd appear a hundred meters tall, in another, ten. In yet another, they'd look five HUNDRED meters tall. It got ridiculous and really depended on the artist.

          It really didn't help that they looked like Galactus minus the headdress and even had the same colour scheme! And they are often the same size as him, too. Was confused for a long time as a casual comic fan, but I'm more knowledgeable about stuff now.

    Trask Industries, Trask rearranged is Stark??

      In all my years of comic fandom Ive never made that connection.
      Now Ill never be able to un-see it.

      Nothing to do with Stark:

      Bolivar Trask. Played by Pete Dinklage in the movie :D

    I'm thinking commercial security robots will not be given eyes blazing anywhere near the red spectrum. Friendly blue-green might bump their sales more.

      or you know...plain white will do against their dark...deep...hollow eye sockets

    All I think when I see that trailer;

    Veridian Dynamics. Every day, something we make makes your life better. Power. We make that. Technology. We make that. Cows. Well, no. We don’t make cows, although we have made a sheep. And medicines, and airplane engines, and whatever this is, and all sorts of things. Veridian Dynamics. Every day, something we make makes your life better. Usually.

    Must be awesome trailer for people who follow XMEN. Personally, i never got past the first movie.

      It doesn't even work well for people who've seen all the movies but never read the comics. This trailer is one for the comic fans.

    These Sentinals look way too much like killer robots (except where they appear to be about 5 metres tall) from another sci-fi franchise.
    I kept expecting Arnie's likeness to pop up somewhere in the clip.

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