This Train Window Whispers Ads That Only You Can Hear

Do you ever feel like ads are speaking to you? Well, new talking windows ads for Sky Go -- a mobile streaming service -- literally speak to you using bone conduction technology.

So you're just riding the train, commuting home, and you lay your head against the window and close your eyes for a minute. Just as you drift off, you hear the window ask you, "are you bored?" But no one else around you hears the ad. Are you losing it? Nope. A Sky Go module attached to the window was sending out high-frequency oscillations that were transmitted to your brain, which interpreted them as sound. So, you're not crazy, but you're definitely hearing voices in your head.

While Sky Go's talking window ads are pretty creepy, they're also interestingly innovative. Bone conduction works by moving the sounds of the inner ear through the bones of your skull to your brain. How? The vibrations are at just the right frequency to buzz through your cranial bones. And it's typically reserved for specialised communication equipment used by the military, as well as for hearing aids. We've also recently started to see the tech in a few models of headphones. Now it's being used to sell you stuff too. [DesignTaxi via YouTube]


    So they are intentionally targetting people who just want to have an undisturbed sleep with as little sound as possible, while not bothering the people who are awake on the train?

    Why is this a good thing?

    Easy to fix, look for the little transmitter stuck to the glass, cut the wire or peal it off. Advertising is getting so intrusive now. Leave us the f--k alone!

    Couldn't this almost be considered as subliminal advertising (or supraliminal stimuli depending on your take). In Australia, this type of advertising is against advertising standards

    "Young man, I think you need to learn a lesson about Lightspeed brand briefs"

    and another step closer to a cyberpunk world ^_^

    This immediately reminded me of a scene from Altered Carbon where the protagonist travels into an urban area and immediately has his implants assaulted by tons of advertising feeds broadcasting to anyone that had neural implants to get the products straight into their head :P

    Seriously though how is this not going to lead to someone flipping out due to hearing 'voices' I mean hell imagine a recovered schizophrenic who isn't aware of this tech when it's first rolled out who suddenly thinks they're having a relapse >_

    *edit* As a side note the potential for hacking this device is going to be *wayyyyy* to good to resist for a lot of people...

    Last edited 02/07/13 2:12 pm

    That would be so annoying while trying to sleep.

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