This Incredible Calendar App Concept Is How You Should Run Your Life

When Apple showed-off the new, flat iOS 7 at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference, everyone laughed hardest at one simple joke: "no more stitching? How does it all stay up there?". The death of skeuomorphic design in iOS is just the beginning: what if apps like calculators and calendars looked nothing like their real-world counterparts and developers created new, out-of-the-box designs for time-trodden and traditional things? Meet the most beautiful calendar concept you'll ever see: one that's not anchored in the old design of cubes, pages and months -- a modern calendar for a modern age.

What the boffins over at Teehan+Lax Labs have been experimenting with is the idea of a completely new way to illustrate upcoming appointments, meetings, dates and reminders by exploiting new ways of building apps. Using UICollectionView in iOS 6 to pull data and visualise it differently along with ReactiveCocoa, the developers began to realise how they could start illustrating data like meeting times differently.

Eventually, they landed on a question that they wanted to answer with their new toys:

"Could we represent event data in a way that departs from the paper calendar metaphor while pushing the envelope of iOS technology?"

After many sketches and different concepts, they came up with an idea to anchor the calendar around the passage of time and how it flows hour-to-hour rather than day-to-day, and created a concept app that showed each day flowing down the page in a linear fashion. Users wouldn't scroll to see the hours as they spilled off the page, instead, 24-hours would be compressed onto the screen, and each appointment and hour would expand and shrink as the user scrubbed their finger down the screen.

A beautiful expansion and contraction of time as it affects you and your day.

What the devs came up with is a beautiful calendar app that reads more like a functional weather app than a to-do list. It's contextual, beautiful and one that I want to run my entire life by, and best of all, it's all Open Source.

Read more detail about the envelope-pushing build process over at the Teehan+Lax blog.



    But in the end it only seems to show one thing at a time, which could be quite limiting. I'll take the Agenda list in my current calendar over that, every time.

      so its the same as outlook but has some fancy movement that only lets you see one thing and even then you have to click it! at lot of wank, seemingly without functionality

    I agree with MotoMouth, it looks good but you can't view a whole day or a whole week at a time. I might not have a full week planned out but I like to see what's there without having to scroll around a lot.

    Glad I saw the video, now I don't need to waste my time downloading it. Terrible design. For someone like me that is plagued by monotonous meetings, I want something clean, neat and something that at a glance, gives an over view of the whole day, not something that hides everything behind little bars that I have to click on.

    Seems to be perfect for people with light schedules, though my opinion may be biased by watching 50 seconds of irrelevant video with loud, crap music.
    Doesn't appear to be r/evolutionary, as it is just a day view. My Sony Palm Pilot had that, albeit without the fancy effects.
    I guess some people are easily impressed..

    incredible is an extreme overstatement. i would go with things like: pretty, over designed and possibly as far as useless.

    Calendars are required only when your schedule is full enough that you couldnt possible remember everything. To that end, an app like this is useless. I want to see 3 meetings ahead while i am looking at the current meeting. i want that meeting reminder to link instantly out to my notes about that meeting. I want my calendar app to to instantly provide me with everything i need for that meeting, nothing more nothing less. Anything you put on top of that just wastes everyones time

    There is a reason why digital calendars work well.

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