This Game Lets You Experience The Exciting Life Of A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If the likes of Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator can take the world by (extremely slow) storm, then surely there's a place for the poor old robot vacuum cleaner? One developer, by the name of Stolidus Simulations, is on the case and if you've ever felt the need to live the life of your automated debris sucker, then Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is for you.

Available for download on PC and Mac, Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is the follow-up to the, uh, hugely successful Robot Vacuum Simulator 2012. In terms of gameplay, there's not much to it — mostly it's about "cleaning up the dust of man", as the game's website explains.

For some reason, RVS 2013 also features a "duel mode", where two players can... vacuum together.

So, is it fun to play? No, not really, though the music is sufficiently haunting and for the briefest of moments, I felt an exceptional sadness for my robot vacuum avatar.

If you'd like to try out the "most realistic robot vacuum simulator ever", hit up the download page. The PC version is ~41MB, which I'm sure will put a strain on your download quota.

[Stolidus Simulations, via Pocket-Lint]

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