These Custom Pacific Rim Posters By Professional Artists Are Superb

So, Pacific Rim sounds like a decent film... to put it mildly. Giant robots fighting gargantuan monsters is evocative stuff to watch as a film-goer, but it's even more potent as a creative fuel for every artist and their pen. Over at Blurppy, they're running a bit of a "poster-off", with professional artists providing their best renditions of potential promotional images for Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi blockbuster. The results are impressive.

The posters are featured in two blog posts on Blurppy, with the images below all selected from the second set. The influences are varied, with one taking a hint from Jaws, though more than a few borrow heavily from the Japanese origins of monstrous combatants punching it out in a city.

It's amazing the amount of detail in some of these pictures, especially for something you're not getting paid for, but then the exposure is probably worth a bit in itself.

Hit up the Blurppy link to feast on more of these wonderful creations.

[Blurppy, via Blastr]

Top image: Richard Davies. Body images (clockwise): Marie Bergeron, Matt Ferguson, Samuel Ho

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