There's Officially A 50-Inch 4K TV That's Cheaper Than Your TV

TCL just announced a new 50-inch Ultra HD LED television for $US1000. Holy wow, that is freaking cheap. Just a few months ago, we were blown away by Seiki's 50-inch 4K that cost $US1500. How the hell are they making all of these beautiful, high-resolution panels so cheap?

The new edge-lit 50-incher is cheap in part because it doesn't come loaded with tons of branded certifications from THX (like Sharp's TVs do) or any of the smart connected TV features offered by the more expensive models from LG and Samsung.

Mercifully, the TCL display does have a built-in upscaler that will take your HD content and boost it up to 4K resolution. No word on what upscaler in particular they're using (we're guessing it's third-party tech), but that's definitely the kind of thing we're going to want to see in action before making any real determinations about this television.

What we do know is that this thing is listed at a fire-sale price — and if the aforementioned Seiki is any indication, this $US1000 red tag isn't as low as we're gonna go. Despite the Seik's $US1500 RRP, you can scoop one up on Amazon for around $US1100 these days. That means this TCL TV could easily come in at $US700-$US800 when it's marked down. Wow. The TCL 50-inch 4K will hit store shelves in September. Australian availability is yet to be announced. [TCL USA]

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