The Peanut Butter Jar Has Been Perfected

Peanut butter, Nutella, salsa, you name it — if it's a condiment and moderately delicious, there's a good chance you'll be lapping it up out of a jar. Still, reliable and resealable though they may be, there's also a dark side to our favourite container — how to get the last bits of goodness out while keeping your hands clean in the process.

Fortunately, Jar-with-a-Twist wants to solve your sticky little problem with a patented, twistable jar that (supposedly) makes every spoonful feel just like the first.

As the above video shows, simply grab hold of the bottom, twist and watch as the jar's contents get pushed straight up to where they belong — closer to your mouth. It's the same general concept as a Push Pop except, you know, with peanut butter. Problem solved.

While it may still be a ways off before we start seeing our favourite brands in these containers, it would certainly be an improvement on the current standard jar model. Not only does it majorly decrease precious spoon to peanut butter time, but according to its creators, the jar also manages to keep its contents fresher. Less space between the condiment and the lid mean less exposure to air, so it's practical in more ways than one.

But perhaps most impressively, they even managed to keep production costs comparable lto the average peanut butter jar — convenience at no extra cost. Unfortunately, until Jar-with-a-Twist hits the shelves, normal jars will forever be just that much more disappointing. [Reddit via Foodbeast]



    Brilliant idea, love it! Not quite sold on his "only 3c more per jar" since that equates to a 30% increase in cost, but still, as the consumer I'd be prepared to absorb the additional cost when deciding which brand to buy.

    The small spatula has always been my weapon of choice! There's not much left in any jar when I'm done!

    Revolutionary? Clearly they've never used glue sticks or deodorant sticks.

      but thats exactly what revolutionary means these days, take something cool from one product and apply it to a slightly different product in the exact same way and wallah! REVOLUTIONARY!!!

        I hope you never accidentally insult an Indian person with this.

      Am I the only one seeing the "revolutionary" pun here?

    Personally, I'm not that bothered about trying to to get the very last crusty bits of anything from a jar.
    If it's something I use a lot of, I've generally got a new jar ready to go when I've got what I can get out of the old jar with a knife/spoon/fork.
    Life's too short and I'm not so broke I have to scrounge for my food. (thankfully)

    It's also not very new I think, as I'm pretty sure I've seen this before with marmalade or something similar in the UK about 30 odd years ago now. From memory it was ridiculed back then.

    A solution for a problem no one cares about.

      Hey, this is the internet. There is no problem too small to care about.

    My knife is generally long enough to get to the bottom of the jar. Just sayin'

    Spend 50 cents more on your Peanut butter to save 10 cents worth of peanut butter. Do the math.

      Or, the company that buys the patent can absorb the extra cost and make a killing in extra sales. Do the math.

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