The Foxtel Go For Android App Got Posted Online

The Foxtel Go For Android App Got Posted Online

Keen for Foxtel on your Android phone or tablet, but don’t own a Samsung Galaxy device? That’s cool: the app was posted online overnight.

The Foxtel Go app was made available yesterday to Android customers, but you can’t use it unless you have a Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Note 10.1, running Android 4.1 or higher.

A few enterprising Android users got together overnight and pulled the app APK from their devices and posted it online for others to enjoy.

Users are reporting limited success right now, mostly because the app is from the Samsung Apps store and requires a compatible device to run. Some are getting around it just by spoofing the device model through another app before booting into Foxtel Go.

Either way, it’s a chance for the rest of the Android faithful to get their hands on it before the Samsung embargo lifts.