The Brilliantly Simple 3D-Printing Program You Never Realised You’d Need

As the days of affordable, technologically sound at-home 3D printing loom ever nearer, creative minds around the world have been dripping with the wondrous possibilities these plastic-spewing, magic machines hold. Unfortunately, magic or not, the laws of physics still apply — and your liquid plastic dreams probably don’t take into account the fact that your models are going to have to, you know, balance.

The authors of Make It Stand want to take care of that for you, and they’ll take whatever monstrous contortions you toss at them and turn your rendering into something structurally sound.

The adjustments they make to your original design are minimal and, as far as we can tell in the video above, practically imperceivable. The concept really is so simple that it’s baffling to think that no one has thought of it before. And now that we’ve seen it, it’s hard to imagine how 3D printing could possible take off on an amateur, consumer level without it. [Real Time Rendering]