The Biggest Transformer Ever, Standing Next To Stuff

For some reason, we were sent Metroplex, the biggest Transformer that's ever been made (yes, bigger than Fortress Maximus). We stood him next to a bunch of stuff. Here's how it went.

Bunch of Toys

Just Other Transformers

A Person

A Taller Person

Johnnie Walker Blue

Steven Paul Jobs Action Figure

Some Moonshine

My Keys

Lord Stanley's Cup (sort of)

A Few Coffee Mugs, Stacked


Large Siracha

A Pretty Big Iron Man Figure

A Pretty Big Camera Lens

Football Helmet

That 2,000 Page Beyond: Two Souls script

A Gigantic Nerf Gun

A Bike

Keyboard Cleaner?

Kobo Mini

Metroplex comes out August 1st for $US115, if you want to stand it next to some of your own stuff.

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