The Best iPhone 5 Cases To Fit Any Need

Not all of us are iPhone nudists. Some of us prefer to clothe our gadgets in a case. But there are probably more cases out there than there are actual iPhones, and we all have unique priorities, whether it be screen protection, style or saving money. Here are the best iPhone 5 cases that live up to your specific needs.

If you need protection...

Otterbox Defender: You're not going to win any fashion points for this case, but your phone will definitely be protected. The Otterbox is an indestructible lockbox for your phone. $59.99 at JB Hi-Fi.

If you're stylish...

Kate Spade: Maybe you coordinate your nails to match your iPhone. If so, Kate Spade has lots of fashion-forward cases to complement your stylish sensibilities. $39.95 at Apple.

If you're cheap...

Elago's s5 Glide Case: This is a slim, slide-on iPhone case that comes in all kinds of colours. You can change out the bottom or the top piece if you'd like a two-tone version, and it costs less than the price of a movie ticket. $US11 on Amazon.

If you want to blend in...

Spigen Slim Armor Case: Want to fool people into thinking you're not using a case at all? Slim Armor mimics the design of the back of the iPhone. And it comes in half a dozen or so different colours if you don't care about any of that. $US18 on Amazon.

If you want something that's invisible...

Spigen Ultra Thin Air Slim: Are you generally anti-case, but still hankering for some cushion from accidental drops? Spigen also makes a barely-there bumper that will still give you some protection. And you can hardly even see it. $US22 on Amazon.

If you're au natural...

Carved: So you like the look of a natural back but you don't want that same wooden case everyone has. Carved makes some relatively affordable options with some interesting etched wood backs. $US24-$US29 at Carved.

If you want a multitasker...

Twelve South Book Book: This iPhone case only looks like a tiny vintage book. It's a nice theft-deterrent, and the leather sheath doubles as a wallet with pockets for your ID, your credit cards, receipts, cash and whatever you need to carry with you. $US60 on Apple.



    I've had two Otterbox Commuter cases on my 4S, both protected the phone from a 1m or so drop onto concrete but both also cracked and needed to be replaced. CaseMate Tough hybrid I have now has survived a similar drop and suffered no damage.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

      If an Otterbox case can't survive a 1m drop then that's terrible! I've dropped my phone numerous times from 1-1.5m onto hard surface, and the cheapo cases I buy off eBay can withstand that!

    are you are beer drinker?

      Best iPhone case ever. People love it when I use mine to open their beer.

    One brand that is also good to be featured under the "multitasker" and "stylish" is Hard Graft ( Definitely not on the "cheap" category but I had a friend of mine getting one and it doesn't just look awesome, it feels awesome!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    The best iPhone 5 case is a bin!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio


        Your both pathetic

        Seriously, what the fuk do non apple users get so fuken insecure about

        Go check any android thread and you won't find any apple users posting your bullshit childish type comments

        If your life is so poor and weak that you get some form of internal reinforcement offering an insular opinion on an inanimate object then you both need to get out more

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          Listen Theba, this is what people do on the internet. Maybe in your day, they were all running 5c lemonade stands or listening to radio dramas, but things have changed. I'll let you in on a little something: there's a lot of smack gettin' talked on the internet. It might take a while, but I think you'll get used to it.

            Settle down little one, take a seat before you hurt yourself.... When ur opinions needed ill give it to you

            Yes I'm that old at 36, guess being online for nearly two decades does that

            So tell me, what is ur problem with an
            iPhone or are you an individual not a sheep so you don't roll with all th followers.... Enlighten me oh fount of youthful knowledge

              Hahaha...sorry. I didn't mean to come off so rude. I'm into my 30s too. I have no problems with iPhones. I've had a couple and I liked them. I have an iPad. I like them fine in fact, just that I wouldn't buy one again. Long story short, I take exception to being told that a design fault was caused by me.
              In truth, I was just being sarcastic to fozzyis for bagging iPhones. It's so passe. It's this generation's Holden Vs. Ford, or Coke Vs. Pepsi. No one who has real things to do in life cares, and even fewer will care next decade. So there, no offense meant. I'm just trying to win a HTC One.

            Theba - lol at that tho

            Who'd a thought an uninformed youth would have classical knowledge!

            I'm guessing you don't get much sun....


          I like you Mr Batman, good work on your last movie by the way, am entitled to my opinion.

          Being an ex iPhone and ipad user, stand by my comment. I won't resort to the aggressive fanboyism that you do, but instead will note that Apple fanboys are equally as bad as my apparent mis-step.

          Please continue to enjoy your phone and disregard my comment if it hurts you so much.

          P. S. Congratulations on your upcoming upgrade there is nothing better than a change to liven things a bit (even if that change only happens once every 6 to 7 years) and welcome to the world of the flat icons.... We've all been waiting for you :)

            honestly cant say I take enough notice of whether an icon is flat or not to be able to associate myself with them..... got an upgrade last year tho.... year before too!! best part of those upgrades is knowing that no matter what the age or type of iDevice the upgrade is across the board..... how's your strawberry shortcake v2.fairycake or whatever fruity thing you call it going? oh it depends on your manufacturer, carrier, device etc....? oh ok

            your comments do hurt, though only for the lack of despair for the human condition that such a total non issue becomes a source of derision

            ask mummy & daddy to take you out to the Zoo this weekend & get some air

              I like this back and forth it's entertaining. But I am nearly your age so the standard mummy and daddy jokes don't work well.

              and for those informed users out there we are able to have the latest version with very little effort.

              Don't worry your phone will get all the 5 year old tech it's missing, soon.

              P.S. I don't hate the iPhone, just got disillusioned watching all of the sub $200 cheap phones coming out with all the features that Apple kept telling us we didn't want.

                WTF is a flat icon anyway?! It's a friggin screen

            tho thank you for the compliment on my new movie

            worked out for that one.... glad its paid off

    Isn't the Giz official policy that naked is better (in phones)?
    Cases should really be reviewed for older phones, so that I can hide the shame that is my iPhone 4. A "make it look like an iPhone 5" case would be an instant winner for me. Were I to have a modern phone (such as the brilliant new HTC One - not sure if you're familiar with it), I wouldn't be covering it up.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    If you want awesome steampunk stylings and army level protection go for Exovault.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    You missed out TwelveSouth's other beaut.... the surfacepad

    You missed out TwelveSouth's other beaut.... the surfacepad

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    For the minimalists, the Luxa2 Sandstone is pretty gorgeous.

    I remember when my friend got his new iPhone 5 and spent an hour telling me how sleek and beautiful it is. He then bought the Otterbox defender which makes my Lumia 920 feel light and sleek

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    I've got about 8 cases, one for every occasion. 2 heavy duty ones, an otterbox defender and a griffin survivor, a switcheasy silicon case, 2 different coloured flip cases, and a few various coloured snap on back ones. hmmm maybe more than 8 then :)

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Zoe Photo App

    What's the use of a sweet iPhone case when you can buy a HTC One?

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    And one for the Engineer in all of us

    The people who put cases on are the same who complain that a 9mm thick phone is too thick.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Its good to see some stylish looking cases coming onto the market.
    One thing I discovered when I picked up an iPhone case from an website was that when I laid the phone flat it couldn't 'breathe' and started to overheat.
    Always handy to make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the cover for the phone.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: BlinkFeed

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