‘Teach The Witches A Lesson’ With A Slingshot That Shoots Brooms

Slingshot guru Joerg begins today’s video by saying, “As you know, I don’t like witches.” And in fact, I did not specifically remember this preference of his. But I can believe it. After watching a Harry Potter rerun this week, Joerg finally realised the hazard that quidditch and other flying broom sports pose to our safety. And he decided to make a 6.5 foot slingshot to better defend himself and his family from this imminent threat.

Of course it shoots brooms because Joerg wants to “fight fire with fire.” A noble goal. The brooms are specifically rice straw brooms and weigh about 2.5 lbs, enough to do some damage on Joerg’s archery targets. Unclear whether the broom-flinging slingshot will be a productive weapon against zombie’s, but the witch problem is going to be under control starting now.

Warning: Don’t be a goose. Don’t try this at home.