Take An Eerie Tour Of America's Creepiest Ghost Towns

There are plenty of things that can make a ghost town, from dam projects, to nuclear disaster. The folks over at BuzzFeedVideo put together a rundown of some of America's finest — and most unsettling — from a town built on a hellish inferno, to a city buried beneath Seattle.

So take a look, and appreciate the ruinous beauty. But the next time you run into your neighbours, maybe take a second to appreciate living around other human beings, too.


    Very cool but I though Seattle's underground streets were because someone realised the original streets were too low and would likely flood regularly so they built up to the new street level, sometimes dozens of feet higher

    that was really cool. Lots of great shooting locations for The Walking Dead and Falling Skies!

    The Seattle Underground tour is well worth it if you're visiting. Very insightful!

    Edinburgh's Old Town is built on a lot of buried streets. If you ever get a chance, go on one of the organised tours.

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