Solar-Powered Sun-Tracking Briefcase Battery Guarantees Perpetual Power

If you have travels in the near future that will keep your gadgets away from the life-giving power outlets that keeps them charged, trade your briefcase full of ‘important’ files for this equally vital solar-powered battery-filled attaché. When the SunSocket’s set of solar panels are fully deployed, they automatically track the position of the sun in the sky so they’re always basking in its glow.

And on a sunny day it can charge its 250Wh battery in a mere five hours. If it’s cloudy, you’re looking at about twice as long.

Four USB ports and a standard power outlet should keep all your must-have gadgets and devices charged and running for hours on end, and carrying it around is also going to guarantee you a great workout at 11kg. While $US1500 is a little pricey, you’ll be glad you made the investment when you’re able to bring a dead phone back to life, for like weeks on end. [Aspect Technologies via The Red Ferret Journal]