Report: Google Also Testing Hangouts-Equipped Set-Top Box

If Chromecast isn't enough, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Google has also been working on another living room device: a set-top box with a heavy emphasis on communication.

According to the newspaper, ex-Android head Andy Rubin demonstrated a set-top box to a select band at CES earlier this year. It's main selling point was, apparently, a heavy Hangouts emphasis: it featured a video camera and motion sensor to let you video call from the comfort of the sofa. It also ran Android apps, games and streaming services.

The paper claims that the original plan was to launch that device at I/O — which obviously didn't happen. If there's any truth in these rumours, then, that suggests that either Chromecast may have taken its place, or that we can expect a more fully featured living room device from Google in the future. Or it's all junk. [WSJ]

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