QLD Police Cracking Down On So-Called ‘Facebook Parties’

QLD Police Cracking Down On So-Called ‘Facebook Parties’

You know how it goes: your party gets listed as a public event on Facebook and then, before you know it, you’ve got Project X going on in your backyard, front yard and all up in your parent’s house. The Queensland Police know how it is, so they’ve set up a special fun-police squad to crack down on so-called “Facebook parties”.

It’s actually a pretty good idea to crack down on stupid gatecrashers who post details of the party online and get people to swarm it. That sort of thing usually ends in alcohol-fuelled violence and tears.

That’s why the Queensland State Government is looking to draft legislation that would see offenders facing 12 months jail time or a $12,000 fine, according to the ABC, when a party gets out of hand.

If a pop-up party emerges somewhere it shouldn’t be, however, the organiser of that party faces $18,000 or three years jail.

The only divisive issue here is who should cop the punishment if one of these parties gets out of control? The organisers? The gatecrasher? Everyone partying in your backyard and using your pool like an outhouse? Sometimes it can be tough to track down the ringleader. [ABC]