PayPal Randomly Credits Man With $92,000,000,000,000,000

PayPal just made 56-year-old Chris Reynolds a quadrillionaire. Yes, a quadrillionaire. For a little while anyway.

When Reynolds opened his monthly email account update on Friday, he was pleasantly surprised with a balance of $92,233,720,368,547,800 — 922,337,203,685,478 times more than the $100 or so worth of transactions he usually does per month on PayPal. And very obviously some sort of mistake.

For the record, quadrillion is a real number. It's 1300 times more than the entire world's GDP, and trillions and trillions more than the $US73 billion fortune of Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world. And although there are random financial clerical errors all the time, this 17-figure sum is just about the biggest PayPal flub we've ever seen.

Unfortunately, Reynolds didn't get to keep any of his accidental quadrillions; by the time he logged into his account, PayPal had already corrected his balance. Back to the soup line. [UPI,, IBTimes via Circa]

Picture: Michael Hession



    so would he have been technically the worlds richest man for that period?

      I don't think errors count as the money wasn't real.

        me personally, i am going to look at him as the temp worlds richest man!
        that sort of money would of caused all kinds of hell on the paypal front
        but with that sort of money, id buy something cool like... italy :P

          Is Italy even for sale? I suspect their government wouldn't want to part with it.

            who gives a poop!
            with that kind of money, raising the price isnt going to be an issue :P

          He should have just bought paypal first! :)

        Being generous, only 5% of the world's money is in notes and coins, and money isn't backed by anything material like it used to be (such as gold), so how do you define 'real' money?
        If he could potentially used any of that paypal money to buy stuff, then I'd say it was real enough.

    If he'd been able to spend it in time it could have brough t down the world's economy. Imagine that kind of money just materialising into the market.

    Not that he could have - even if he bought evrything on every Internet store that takes Paypal he'd still have quadrillions left over.

      He could have bought the world and everything on it many times over.

    Was that In his PayPal wallet or his bank account I wonder? If it was his bank account he could have just closed his PayPal account. Well probably not, but worth a shot.

      imagine if he logged in and did a withdrawl into his bank account

        Even if he just got to keep the interest generated in the brief moments he had the money he would have been a very, very wealthy man.

          I thought the same thing but I doubt that his bank would pay that interest. Still, it is nice to dream :-)

            They'd have to though wouldn't they?
            Isn't it apart of a contract or something?


              they would have, but most likely they would flag it for fraud or money laundering so it would never enter the account.

              the banks would see it as a huge risk so they would reject the transfer or hold it up in "processing" to avoid paying it

    Or it was just a mistake in the email, rather than his balance being changed...

      Exactly! Why is no one seeing this. It not his balance that was affected, But the email he got. Probably just a mistake in the code and calculated it wrong before sending.

      Never was that money in his actual paypal account.

    I'm hoping he was actually notified of the crazy error.
    "We're sorry but there was an error which caused $92,000,000,000,000,000 to appear to have been deposited in your account. This error has now been rectified."
    I'd print that shit and get it framed just for its ridiculousness!

    Bet he's crossing his fingers no one decides to audit his tax returns for the next seven years...

    Last edited 17/07/13 12:45 pm

      He could just simply BUY the ATO.

      Can you buy a country with Paypal?

      ha! that would be a heck of a tax bill.

      Could erase the US deficit.

    PayPal was the Nigerian prince all along

    Ok just saying. If he had in a bank account that accrued interest say at 4% p.a.
    By my calculations that if the money had stayed in his account for just 1 hour he would have earnt 420 billion and for 1 minute 7 billion!!

    normally bank accounts flag large transactions.
    On my employers financial system, transactions over $1M are always manual transactions.

    Last edited 17/07/13 2:03 pm

    If I had known, I would have bought the entire Australian continent! :)

    I have seen several banks have been occurred such flag and make some one feel good only for a few minutes of a few hours. Such Zyma web hosting services offers similar experiences to their users. [ source : ]

    ..but was it Zimbabwean dollars? If so, it may still actually be in his PayPal account...

    He should have just bought Paypal and kept the money...

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