No, Malcolm Turnbull Isn’t Quitting Politics Today

No, Malcolm Turnbull Isn’t Quitting Politics Today

And now for another lesson in not believing everything you read.

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Around the time of Kevin Rudd’s National Press Club address today, Twitter was abuzz. Not because of anything the new-old Prime Minister was saying, but because of a simple headline:

Turnbull To Quit Politics

Don’t freak out: he’s not.

The headline was circulated like wildfire around the watchers of the Aussie politi-sphere who tweet stuff under the #auspol hashtag despite the fact that it was blatantly false.

A running theme in these tweets is a link to an article from the Sydney Morning Herald:

A bit of “research”, however, shows that the SMH article in question was penned in 2010: the day Malcolm Turnbull announced following a reshuffle in the Liberal party that saw him lose the leadership. Turnbull later reversed his decision and eventually became the Shadow Minister for Broadband and the Digital Economy.

So how did this story surface in people’s minds again? Blame Twitter again. Specifically, a Channel Seven political reporter by the name of Sarah Wiley.

Sarah now appears to have deleted the offending tweet, but retweets from others show us what it said:

A bunch of people clearly then went and Google’d “Malcolm Turnbull quit politics”, and found this little gem.

Look familiar? It’s the article everyone found themselves tweeting after they saw Sarah’s initial Turnbull report.

She eventually apologised, realising it had all got out of hand:

Don’t believe everything you read.