Neil Gaiman Working On A Video Game

Neil Gaiman Working On A Video Game

Geek demi-god Neil Gaiman has announced he is working on his first video game, dubbed Wayward Manor. The game will follow the exploits of a ghost stuck in limbo who needs to scare off the rabble living in his former home.

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Gaiman, who has won pretty much every award going for his assorted comics and novels, has worked in almost every entertainment medium except gaming. All that is set to change with the release of Wayward Manor (we almost want it to fail just to prove there’s something he can’t do).

“Set in a 1920s Victorian Gothic pastoral estate, Wayward Manor focuses on the plight of a ghost whose hope of a peaceful after-life is interrupted by a remarkable cast of intruders,” the newly launched website explains.

“Awoken from his post-mortem slumbers, our ghost must find ever-more inventive and brilliant ways to scare them away. As the ghost learns more about the living characters, he also learns more about his own death and after-life, and the danger they are all facing.”

The game is being co-produced by the video game studio The Odd Gentleman (The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom) and Moonshark (a new publisher start-up).

As is par for the course these days, Gaiman is offering an assortment of pre-order packages which include various extra goodies. Prices range from $20 (a digital copy of the game, plus desktop wallpaper) to a cool $10,000 (which includes a dinner with the Sandman creator himself).

For more information, check out the video below:

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